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There they go again. The leftwing, its media and social media activists, are melting down over this week's annual Sturgis bike rally.  Wuhan coronavirus, they alarm—completely aware that they have been excusing BLM and antifa riots, looting, vandalism, arson, murder, and mayhem for months now—is suddenly a huge threat to public health. Rallies for me, but not for thee.

Students for Life of America (SLFA) has stepped in to help one young mother finish her education after she lost her financial aid due to her pregnancy with her son. Ruth Asmarzadeh felt pressure to have an abortion but chose life. In the process, she lost her financial aid to Pikes Peak Community College in Colorado and couldn't reschedule her exams.

Former Democratic Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper dropped out of the presidential race to run for a Colorado Senate seat last week. He did this after he declared he was not "cut out" for the Senate. The Democratic Senate Campaign Committee (DSCC) threw its support behind Hickenlooper, another old white male, even though the party always screams out diversity. The endorsement sparked intense anger among the females running to unseat incumbent Republican Sen. Cory Gardener.
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