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    Every once in a while a story catches my eye because it just seems so ludicrous that I have to click over to ensure it's accurate. This is one of those times. CNN's Jeffrey Tobbin, confronted with a CNN poll no less, is in utter denial that the Democrats' misguided impeachment witch hunt is failing even among Democrat voters. Toobin, upon hearing that there is a double-digit drop in Democrat support for impeachment and removal said he didn't believe it for "one second." He declared the poll "wrong" because . . . he "said so."

    The media has to fact check President Donald Trump over every little thing he says or tweets. Political counsel at the US Embassy in Ukraine David Holmes claimed he heard Trump speaking to US Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland "through the earpiece" of the latter's phone. Trump tweeted his doubt about Holmes's claim. CNN host Chris Cuomo tried to prove Trump wrong and failed miserably on live TV.

    Earlier this week, CNN hosted an LGBT+ town hall, at which candidates promised to strip the constitution of freedom of religion and speech, among other things. CNN host Chris Cuomo introduced Democrat presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), and when she listed her "gender identification pronouns" as "she, her, and hers." Cuomo responded, "mine too."

    CNN hosted a much-touted "Climate Crisis Town Hall" for the Democratic presidential candidates on Tuesday night. However, a Category 5 Trump Tweet-storm slammed the event before the 7 hours of green justice fun began. President Donald Trump laid out 8-critical points, which refuted the fear-mongering that the 10 candidates offered to potential voters.

    Dr. Allen Francis, the former chairman of the Psychiatry Department at Duke University, claimed that President Donald Trump "may be more responsible for many more million deaths" that Hitler, Stalin, and Mao. He said these comments to Brian Stetler on CNN's Reliable Sources. Stetler did not push back. Instead, Stetler insisted he did not hear Francis's accusations.

    Officials charged CNN political analyst April Ryan's bodyguard with assault after he allegedly physically removed a local journalist from an event that featured Ryan. Ryan has not spoken about the incident. She has become one of the loudest voices to bash President Donald Trump over his words against the media. She has also contributed to the hyperbole that Trump's administration presents a danger to the free press.
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