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    Last week, the media worked itself into one of their seemingly daily hyper-drive sky-is-falling hissy fits over an intelligence briefing. During said briefing, Shelby Pierson falsely—or, to be more charitable, mistakenly—claimed that intelligence shows that Russian interference in the 2020 election is due to their preference for President Trump.

    Tuesday, Professor Jacobson blogged about one of THE most tone-deaf cable news segments I've ever seen. A CNN panel hosted by Don Lemon, billing Rick Wilson, (a former Republican political consultant who sold his soul to the NeverTrump brigade and now poses as a token "Republican" on CNN and MSNBC to trash actual Republicans and right-leaning folk) were overcome with fits of laughter while mocking Trump and Trump supporters as bassackwards hillbillies, ignoramuses, and simpletons.

    CNN has settled the lawsuit brought by Nicholas Sandmann over coverage of the incident in which Sandmann falsely was accused of trying to intimidate a Native American activist, according to local TV reports. Sandmann filed lawsuits against CNN, The Washington Post, and NBC. Initially the lawsuits were dismissed, but recently a portion of the lawsuits were reopened by the court and all three lawsuits were reactivated.
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