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    Nick Sandmann, the Covington High School teenager who was smeared by mainstream media outlets after he stood toe to toe with a professional protester during the march for life, was asked to speak at last night's RNC. Sandmann experienced the full wrath of a national cancellation campaign perpetrated by the media, celebrities, and even higher education.

    I don't like Van Jones's politics, but I respect him for crossing the line when needed and saying the things that everyone needs to hear. The left first went after him when he dared to say that blacks need to worry more about the "white liberal Hillary Clinton supporter." Now they're attacking for having the nerve to work with President Donald Trump's administration on police reform.

    Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan downplayed the six-block autonomous zone in the city on CNN last night after President Donald Trump demanded she restore order to the city. Durkan claimed the zone is "not an armed takeover" and "more like a block party." Yet, the police chief said their "calls for service have more than tripled." Videos show tension within this zone.
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