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    Britain stood alone. In today's terms, the liberal punditry and political machine would tell us that Britain was on the wrong side of history, and that the rising tide in mainland Europe needed to be accommodated, joined, and imported, not fought. Except Britain wasn't on the wrong side of history, because the number of countries and people adhering to an ideology doesn't make right or wrong. Not then, or now. Britain had a leader who saw that point. 50 years ago today Winston Churchill died.

    Today it still seems possible:I watched it and I loved it.The flyover by WWII vintage bombers and fighter planes was a nice touch, recalling the memory of the song "There will always be an England."And I'll use any excuse to run this audio:--------------------------------------------Follow me on...

    Thanks to Illinois Review for cross-posting this piece.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------On December 19, 2008, Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich went in front of the television cameras and boldly proclaimed that he had done nothing wrong, much less criminal. Blagojevich pledged to "fight" to his "last breadth," invoking words similar...

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