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    The media has to fact check President Donald Trump over every little thing he says or tweets. Political counsel at the US Embassy in Ukraine David Holmes claimed he heard Trump speaking to US Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland "through the earpiece" of the latter's phone. Trump tweeted his doubt about Holmes's claim. CNN host Chris Cuomo tried to prove Trump wrong and failed miserably on live TV.

    Earlier this week, CNN hosted an LGBT+ town hall, at which candidates promised to strip the constitution of freedom of religion and speech, among other things. CNN host Chris Cuomo introduced Democrat presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), and when she listed her "gender identification pronouns" as "she, her, and hers." Cuomo responded, "mine too."

    Just when you thought CNN might make it through a week without disgracing itself, anchor Chris Cuomo accuses Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) of being "afraid" to talk to CNN about the Florida shooting and GOP measures to prevent such shootings.  The problem?  Cruz had given CNN a 15-minute interview the day before, and CNN decided not to air all of it. The Washington Free Beacon reports:
    Republican Sen. Ted Cruz (Texas) admonished CNN's Chris Cuomo on Twitter after the anchor accused him of being afraid to appear on CNN in the wake of the Parkland, Fla. school shooting.

    Naples was expected to be Irma's bullseye, but first reports suggest the storm may not have caused the damage everyone expected. On CNN this morning, Chris Cuomo interviewed Naples city manager Bill Moss. After the introduction, Cuomo said, "we didn't expect what happened yesterday, making history in the wrong kind of way, with the gusts we got, and then that surge."

    Paging the PC police! On CNN this morning, when Republican congressman Chris Collins light-heartedly suggested that Dreamers should be free to pursue whatever career they like, including "CNN host," Chris Cuomo responded:
    "That's a low bar, Congressman. You should have higher hopes for people than to get into the media, be used as a piñata for guys like you all the time."

    The liberal media's contempt for people who support President Trump was on display on CNN this morning. After a clip was aired of a panel discussion Alisyn Camerota conducted with six Trump supporters, Chris Cuomo disparaged them:
    "You have a fundamental problem with this group of people, with the difference between fact and feeling. What they feel is true versus what is actually true . . . they absorb what [Trump] says, even though they clearly don't fully comprehend it."

    Why wasn't Bill Clinton believed back in the 1990s? Could it have had anything to do with that time he looked into the camera, wagged his finger at the American people, and told them, "I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky?" Nope. That wasn't it. People didn't believe honest ol' Bill because of "polarization . . . just because of the party." That was the view expressed on CNN this morning by network commentator Errol Louis. His comment came during a discussion of President Trump's latest poll ratings on credibility.

    The opening of CNN's 6 AM hour this morning was one, long lollapalooza of Trump-bashing. Led by co-host Chris Cuomo, panelists David Gregory, Chris Cillizza, and John Avlon took turns whacking the Trump piñata. The topics were diverse: a putative Republican "backlash" against the president; Don, Jr.'s meeting with the Russians; and the murder of Seth Rich. But there was consistency in the relentless criticism of the president.

    James O'Keefe's Project Veritas released another undercover video featuring CNN's New Day associate producer Jimmy Carr, who doubles down on his comments from a previous video from Project Veritas and criticizes New Day host Chris Cuomo. "I mean granted, anything I've said to you I would defend on the record," he told the Project Veritas investigator. "I don't think I said anything wrong." Carr was captured in previous videos calling President Trump a clown, calling American voters stupid as shit, and saying Kellyanne Conway looks like she got hit by a shovel.

    Was the Godfather pleasantly surprised that someone saw the light after waking up with a horse head in his bed? Don't think so. But for some reason, CNN host Alisyn Camerota expressed surprise and delight that the guy who created the video of Donald Trump taking down someone with the CNN logo superimposed on his face has apologized — after CNN unmasked him and tracked him down.
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