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    Legal Insurrection has been closely following the news related to the start of the Wuhan Coronavirus pandemic from the beginning of January. In February, we covered the report from China on the probable laboratory origin of the virus. In March, we noted that there was a report that Chinese officials ordered the destruction of coronavirus laboratory samples in December.

    British lawmakers and government officials have been told not to use the video conferencing platform Zoom due to concerns over Chinese surveillance, the London-based newspaper Guardian reported on Friday. The UK intelligence agency, Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), cautioned them against using the web-based service for official or confidential matters -- especially if they relate to China. The top British Intelligence service specifically warned the senior Members of Parliament "not use it to talk about things detrimental to the interests of China," the daily added.

    After the postponement of this year's Tokyo Olympics, Germany has called off Oktoberfest set to take place between September 19 and October 4. With Germany struggling to contain Wuhan coronavirus, "the risk is simply too big," Bavarian state Prime Minister Markus Söder said while announcing his decision. "To live with coronavirus means to live carefully till there is a vaccine or a medicine," he added.

    The State of Missouri, through its Attorney General Eric Schmitt, has sued the government of China, the Communist Party of China, the Wuhan Institute of Virology, and several other Chinese entities over the damage from the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic. You can read the Complaint here. I'd like to see the government of China and the officials responsible for the cover-up, concealment, and lies that allowed what could have been a local issue to spread around the world, pay for what they did. I doubt this lawsuit will achieve that goal.

    With neighboring countries struggling with the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak, Beijing is tightening its control of disputed islands in the South China Sea. During President Barack Obama's time in office, China began a massive project of creating artificial islands in the area. These man-made islands have since been converted into military installations, naval bases, and aircraft landing strips for the Chinese military.
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