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    The Algemeiner “was founded in 1972 by famed journalist Gershon Jacobson as Der Algemeiner Journal and was originally published in Yiddish.” It’s one of the leading “Jewish” publications, more moderate in its politics than some others, and a source we frequently link to for matters regarding the anti-Israel movement on campuses.

    Last Thanksgiving was the worst Thanksgiving I have ever had. My husband and I got up and dressed in the morning and headed to the NICU to spend some precious time with our four-day-old son, Baby Walt and had planned to come back and do our best to enjoy the rest of the day with our daughters and family. Walter was born with a very rare congenital heart defect of which he had an incredibly severe case, one we were not aware of until his birth.

    It's hard to believe that in a few, short days we will be staring a new decade. As the 2020's begin, I thought it might be fun to look back on the era fondly known as the "Roaring 20's."  This was a time my grandmother recalled with a great deal of nostalgia when I was young. Perhaps we can use events from that decade to predict what might occur in the next few years as well.