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    Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit wrote a column for USA Today this week suggesting that it would be smart for Obama to appoint a Republican as Eric Holder's replacement for attorney general:
    For next attorney general, reach across aisle Having a Defense secretary from the other party makes war bipartisan, and reassures members of the opposition that the powers of the sword aren't being abused. Likewise, naming an attorney general from the opposite party would tend to make the administration of justice bipartisan, and would provide considerable reassurance, as Holder's tenure in office emphatically did not, that the powers of law enforcement were not being abused in service of partisan ends. In an age of all-encompassing criminal laws, and pervasive government spying, that's a big deal.
    While I think that's a good idea, this suggestion in the Washington Post from Dan Emmett, a secret service expert and former Marine, is a great idea.

    Early this morning Allen West released a statement conceding the race after his attempt to obtain a full recount lost any realistic chance. Based on his team's analysis there were not enough disputed or suspicious votes to overcome the approximately 2000 vote lead. As indicated yesterday from...

    Another court hearing is scheduled for tomorrow.  Here's the latest, according to local news reports: As state auditors watch over the elections process in St. Lucie County through one recount, some are hoping a judge will grant a second. A hearing has been scheduled for Friday afternoon...

    I'm not sure this qualifies for the "Ever" award (I'm still partial to this), but it is a fantastic commercial. Fantastic. Fantastic, and I almost put another word before that. The Murphy response? To criticize West's military record involving the now famous incident when he zealously interrogated a hostile. Good...

    I met Allen West this weekend when he was in Rhode Island. Very impressive guy, even more so in person. He is a prime target for Democrats and SuperPACs.  You can donate to his campaign here. That is all....

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