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    Despite former Attorney General Eric Holder referring to himself in that role as then-president Obama's "wingman," Democrats have been swooning for the nearest fainting couch over a few tweets from President Trump regarding the Roger Stone sentencing recommendation.  They claim to be outraged because Trump, they screech, is undermining DOJ independence.

    One of the things that struck me about this article excoriating Alan Dershowitz for his recent defense (not support, but defense) of Trump is that author Elie Mystal doesn't actually engage in any detail with the substance of Dershowitz's arguments. Mystal's attack on Dershowitz (and Trump, for that matter) is ad hominem. I assume we're just supposed to take what the author says at face value. Or perhaps he assumes that if we're reading him at all, we already agree with him.

    On her MSNBC show this morning and while discussing the grand jury that Robert Mueller has impaneled in Washington, DC, Joy Reid dismissed as "one of the more absurd arguments I've heard" Harvard law prof Alan Dershowitz's assertion that DC has "an ethnic and racial composition that might be very unfavorable to the Trump Administration." Paul Butler, a law prof at George Washington University, reinforced Reid: "Alan Dershowitz was my criminal law professor, but I'm here to teach him: Professor Dershowitz, you're just wrong on that issue."

    Professor Alan Dershowitz is prepared to turn in his Democratic Party membership card if Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison assumes the chairmanship of the DNC. In a recent appearance on the FOX Business Network, Dershowitz was addressing the recent anti-Israel controversy with Obama and John Kerry when he made the announcement. The Hill reported:
    Dershowitz: I'll leave Democratic Party if Ellison becomes DNC chair Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz said Friday he'll leave the Democratic Party if Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) is appointed the next chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC).

    Liberal attorney and Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz criticized President Barack Obama's foreign policy after the U.S. did use its veto power at the UN to end a resolution on Israeli settlements. He said:
    “He will go down in history, President Obama, as one of the worst foreign policy presidents ever,” Dershowitz said during a Monday interview on Fox & Friends. “What he did to Syria, and what he was partly responsible for happening in Aleppo, creating a vacuum for Russia. …

    Noted liberal Harvard Law School professor (retired) Alan Dershowitz was on the Kelly File last night, and repeated what he has said before via News Max): "He came into my class, literally his first day in law school with his right had up – not his left hand, his right hand," Dershowitz said Tuesday on Fox News Channel's "The Kelly File." Cruz challenged his professor on everything, which made his job easier, Dershowitz said. "I was against the death penalty, he's in favor. I was in favor of the exclusionary rule, he's against it," he said. "And he made such brilliant arguments that I never had to play the devil's advocate." Cruz "was one of the best students I ever had," Dershowitz said.

    As we reported in early January 2015, famed attorney and Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz was dragged into a controversy regarding Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein's notorious "Orgy Island," Dershowitz presumed innocent in zero-sum defamation game:
    Alan Dershowitz, along with others including Prince Andrew of Britain, were accused in a court filing involving convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein of participating in forced sex with a 17-year old. Despite many celebrities, including Bill Clinton, having spent time on Orgy Island, Dershowitz was the only one actually dragged into the case through mention in the pleadings. The court filing was not criminal, and was not even under oath. It merely was a motion suing prosecutors for agreeing to a light sentence for Epstein, without any evidence accompanying the allegations.
    Dershowitz completely denied the charges: Dershowitz and the lawyers filed claims against each other, and now have settled, with the lawyers acknowledging the accusations never should have been made.

    Esteemed Harvard law professor and author Alan Dershowitz addressed the controversy unfolding on college campuses like Yale and Mizzou in an appearance on the Kelly File Thursday night and called it what it is. Zachary Leshin of CNS News provides a partial transcript:
    Dershowitz: ‘The Fog of Fascism Is Descending Quickly Over Many American Universities’ “These are the same people who claim they are seeking diversity. The last thing many of these students want is real diversity, diversity of ideas. They may want superficial diversity, diversity of gender, diversity of color, but they don’t want diversity of ideas.” “We are seeing a curtain of McCarthyism descend over many college campuses,” said Dershowitz. “I don't want to make analogies to the 1930s, but we have to remember it was the college students who first started burning books during the Nazi regime. And these students are book burners. They don’t want to hear diverse views on college campuses.”

    Harvard Professor Emeritus, Alan Dershowitz, joined Fox News' Megyn Kelly last night to discuss charges filed against Baltimore law enforcement officers in the Freddie Gray case. Kelly addressed speculation about bias in prosecutor Marilyn Mosby's public statements and then gave the floor to Dershowitz. "If you're the prosecutor, you have to be concerned about doing justice for everybody -- not just for the victim, not just for the family of the victim, not just for the youth of Baltimore, but also for the accused, for the policemen who have been accused and may have been scapegoated," Dershowitz explained. Recognizing Mosby's intent was likely to "quell the riots," something she did with relative success, Derschowitz said, "but you can't sacrifice individual defendants to the need to stop riots. Imagine jurors who are going to sit now in Baltimore and say, if we acquit these defendants, our houses might get burned down, our stores will be attacked, our children won't be safe."
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