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    As former President George W. Bush and Sen. Mitt Romney fall over themselves to congratulate Biden and call for the nation to "get behind" him, Mexico's President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador says he is waiting until all legal challenges are completed before congratulating a winner in this year's presidential election.

    The major networks have declared Joe Biden the winner of the national election. The Iranian Mullahs and their terrorist progeny, and the Chinese Communist Party, are thrilled. Other world leaders are falling in line, and Biden is acting as if he's President already. But believe it or not, there are several swing states where the votes have not yet been fully counted and where there may be legal challenges. There is enormous pressure on Trump to concede.

    With mainstream news outlets tripping over themselves to declare Democratic candidate Joe Biden the winner of the U.S. presidential election, rogue states, terrorists, and hostile foreign powers are breathing a sigh of relief. Ignoring President Donald Trump's legal challenge in several battleground states, they cheered the media-orchestrated coronation of the Biden-Harris ticket.  

    The major networks have called Nevada and Pennsylvania for Joe Biden, and thereby the national election. Of course, network calls are just that, network calls. Trump still has a chance in Georgia (very tight, down a few thousand), Arizona (down about 20k), and North Carolina (up about 75k and likely to win). Those are three of the four legs he needs, but the fourth, Pennsylvania, is unlikely (down 35k which probably will increase).

    As the post-2020 election dust begins settling, for the Democrats anyway, former Obama stooge Rahm Emmanuel digs up and mercilessly flings at those Americans left behind by regressive, globalist policies insulting, condescending leftist advice.  He tells unemployed, and soon-to-be-unemployed under the Harris-Biden administration, retail workers that they need to #LearnToCode.

    I am still digesting the "news" that deep red Georgia suddenly turned blue for Joe Biden, after rejecting Obama who had genuine momentum and enthusiasm in '08—not to mention the historic nature of being the first black president—and after voting for smarmy Mittens McRomneyCare over Obama in 2012.  President Trump, of course, won the state in 2016.
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