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    Oh, boy. How far left will the left go? I ask this because former President Barack Obama's HUD Secretary Julian Castro will visit New Hampshire to speak to the state's Young Democrats Granite Slate Awards dinner this month. Failed Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton even considered him as her running mate. But is it wise for the left to prop up Castro? I'd say he's too far left for the Democrats, but Donald Trump is president so anything can happen.

    There are a few Democrats who think that since President Donald Trump won in November 2016 then maybe they can, too. After all, how did a man with no political experience beat the all mighty Hillary Clinton?! So a handful of politicians that not a lot of people have heard of believe they have a chance to take on Trump in 2020, including mayors and congressmen "low on the seniority totem pole."

    It's hard to find an apt comparison in U.S. media for the role that Haaretz plays in Israeli media. Haaretz is "far-left" in its opinion content, but also has some excellent straight news reporting, particularly on security issues. And when I say "far-left," I emphasize "far" in that equation. Reading some of Haaretz's opinion columnists makes it hard to distinguish the paper from anti-Israel Islamist polemicists. Haaretz has little readership in Israel precisely because it has tied its fortunes to the marginalized Israeli left. But Haaretz's English language website has outsized influence in the West, particularly among left-wing Jews in the U.S., who must imagine Haaretz represents a sustantial portion of the Israeli electorate.

    When Newt Gingrich spoke at Cornell earlier this semester, he made a very important point. Trump doesn't attack his political opponents, he brands them. The brand for Jeb was "low energy." For Rubio, it was "little Marco." For Cruz, it was "lyin' Ted." Once branded, they could not shake the image. Just ask "Crooked Hillary." Which brings up Elizabeth Warren. As we posted earlier, while Warren is denying that she "is" running for president in 2020, she's making all the normal pre-presidential run moves.
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