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    Author: Pietro S. Geraci

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    Pietro S. Geraci

    Pietro S. Geraci is a Northeast Regional Director with Students for Liberty and an editor and contributor for The Classy Libertarian, a new online publication launched by SFL. Pietro has previously served as a New York State Chair with Young Americans for Liberty and President of his YAL chapter at Vassar College. He organized a well-attended lecture on hate speech and free speech by Professor Jacobson, which received substantial media attention and inspired a declaration by the college president that Vassar supports free speech on campus. He was featured in a New York Times article about purposefully attending a college where he didn’t fit in. Pietro is an Eagle Scout and earned his BA in Astronomy with a correlate in earth science in 2018.

    I was honored and humbled to be present at the White House last week to witness President Trump sign an executive order designed to protect free speech in higher education. Public colleges and universities must now stop trampling upon students’ First Amendment rights, or risk federal cuts to their research dollars. I hope the order goes a long way in securing students’ freedom of expression.
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