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    Author: Katy Grimes

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    Katy Grimes

    Political Journalist, saucy cynic, evocative analyst, truth seeker, investigative journalist, columnist and California Capitol correspondent - never a stenographer. Katy has been an influential political blogger since 2004, and can be heard on many talk radio shows throughout California.

    “I have always harbored an exaggerated view of my self-importance. To put it bluntly, I fancied myself as some kind of god.”

    – Billionaire Hedge Fund Operator George Soros, from his own book, “The Alchemy of Finance”

      The man who broke the Bank of England, Democratic mega-donor George Soros, uses his wealth and influence in United States elections. Now Soros has moved his concentration to District Attorney races across the country.

    Friday morning, July 1, 2016, California Governor Jerry Brown “gunned down the Constitution” when he signed six and vetoed four of the eleven anti-gun, pro-restriction bills passed by the Legislature only the day before. Despite the failure of California’s strict gun control laws to prevent the San Bernardino massacre, the California Legislature passed the 11 anti-gun bills to decide whether 15 or 10 bullets in a clip is or is not criminal in a bill to allow for confiscation of previously allowed magazines capable of holding more than 10 bullets. Another bill will require background checks for ammo purchases. There is even a bill to limit your ability to lend guns to family members.

    A bipartisan bill in California to end taxpayer support for the discriminatory anti-Isarael Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement has been shelved, as less forceful measures work their way through committee. Assembly Bill 1552 by California Assemblyman Travis Allen, would have prohibited state entities from contracting with parties that engage in commercial discrimination, and boycotts on the basis of national origin, and sought to end the practice of California supporting such discriminatory or anti-Semitic efforts. “Rather than promoting peace, the BDS movement denies the right of the Jewish State to exist, regularly employing tactics designed to harm Israel,” said Allen in an exclusive interview in January.

    California truck and business owners initiated a lawsuit against the California Air Resources Board because of exploding trucks and roadside fires, due to the CARB’s mandatory, faulty diesel particulate filters, they say. Ironically, the filters even fail at cleaning the air. The Alliance for California Business, a voluntary group whose purpose is to protect and promote business interests throughout California, says Diesel Particulate Filters have started more than 31 fires in the last two years, including several in areas of the state parched by the drought. The Diesel Particulate Filters are the result of environmental regulations created by the California Air Resources Board, and were based on a deeply flawed study led by a researcher accused of faking his Ph.D. credential. The CARB was aware of employee Hien Tran and his phony Ph.D. credentials and flawed research, yet instead, rushed head-on to meet its self-imposed schedule in creating the diesel regulations on truckers.

    Trucking Companies Devastated

    Bud Caldwell, Alliance for California Business president and owner of 11 trucks, says the truck fires are started below the truck’s engine compartment. The primary issue is whether properly maintained Diesel Particulate Filters can become clogged when the filter system fails to regenerate and burn larger diesel particulates into ultrafine particulate ash, Caldwell says.

    Struggling under a record 181,000 migrants arriving into Germany just in October, many are calling for a limit to the highest refugee flow into Europe since World War ll. Traveling recently from Amsterdam through Germany and Austria, into Budapest, Hungary, I witnessed the mass migration in Germany in several towns. I spoke to residents, shopkeepers, tour guides, restaurateurs, and bar keepers about the immigrants in several towns I traveled. In every discussion, they expressed concern, dismay, and fear at what will happen to their country with the inflow of Muslim migrants.  In some German towns, police recommend separating Christian and Muslim immigrants. Fights regularly break out involving hundreds of immigrants at a time in the housing facilities. There are reports in German newspapers that police are overwhelmed. Most expressed frustration and a disconnect with their politicians, who claim Germany can handle the immigrants. The German people aren’t so sure about the flow of so many new foreign arrivals from such a different culture, and say their country lacks the ability to accommodate them.
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