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    Author: Cameron Gray

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    Cameron Gray

    Conservative commentator with over 25 years in broadcast news, talk, and sports. I live in Alexandria, Virginia with my real estate agent wife, Loretta, and our 2 dogs, Max and Vegas. I tend to tweet a lot (@Cameron_Gray) and have an opinion on pretty much everything.

    Last month, the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill held a conference on its campus called “Conflict over Gaza: People, Politics, and Possibilities." According to its website, it:
    ...will shed much needed light on the current realities in the Gaza Strip, giving participants a deeper understanding of the context of these realities and offering concrete options that can better the lives of Gazans. The conference also highlights Gazan culture–music, films, food, and art–to showcase the beauty that goes along with the challenges of life in the Gaza Strip.

    For years, there has been talking and concern about the lack of factual Holocaust knowledge and education in the United States and around the world. Education systems dominated by leftist teachers often antagonistic towards Israel are sometimes loathing to bring up the subject. It's possible to also blame an easily accessible Internet that leads users down dark rabbit holes of Holocaust conspiracy theories.
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