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    Trump’s Success With Non-White Voters Signals the Future of the Republican Party

    Trump’s Success With Non-White Voters Signals the Future of the Republican Party

    “When the dust settles on this campaign, you will find that Donald Trump — whether you like him, love him or hate him — has the most diverse coalition of voters of any Republican ever in Florida”
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    Trump performed extremely well in this election with Latinos and other non-white voters. People are already speculating about a new Republican coalition made up of working people, including minorities.

    This would be an extremely effective combination.

    Josh Hammer writes at the New York Post:

    Despite ‘racist’ charges, Trump did better with minorities than any GOP candidate in 60 years

    For four years now, Democrats and their media allies have tarred President Trump as a reprehensible white supremacist leading a dying party. The Trumpian, populist GOP, they claimed, was doomed to become a regional rump party, whose electoral prospects were tied to a shrinking share of bitter, downscale whites.

    That narrative was always bunk. It finally died, once and for all, on Tuesday evening.

    Team Trump and Republicans nationwide made unprecedented inroads with black and Hispanic voters. Nationally, preliminary numbers indicated that 26 percent of Trump’s voting share came from nonwhite voters — the highest percentage for a GOP presidential candidate since 1960.

    In Florida’s Miami-Dade County, the heartland of Cuban America, Trump turned a 30-plus point Hillary Clinton romp in 2016 into a narrow single-digit Joe Biden win. Texas’ Starr County, overwhelmingly Mexican American and positioned in the heart of the Rio Grande Valley, barely delivered for the Democrats. Biden’s Hispanic support in other key swing states, like Ohio and Georgia, tailed off from Clinton’s 2016 benchmarks.

    Tucker Carlson talked about Trump’s surprising success with non-white voters on his show last night:

    Missouri Senator Josh Hawley sees where things are heading:

    Politico notes the coalition the Trump campaign put together in Florida:

    That new coalition will be central to continued Republican success in the state. As one Republican put it, “you’ve got to kind of recognize that old white men are dying.”

    For Trump, that meant adding to his support of conservative-leaning Cuban Americans and older white voters. The campaign wooed non-Cuban Hispanics and put a greater emphasis on conservative South Florida Jewish voters.

    The campaign also sought the support of Black voters with messaging focused on school choice and the Trump administration’s funding for Historically Black Colleges and Universities, something that it hadn’t done in 2016.

    Ryan Tyson, a Tallahassee-based Republican pollster and consultant who tracked Trump’s performance across the state, said the president’s ability to pull support from traditionally Democratic demographics played a huge role in his win.

    “When the dust settles on this campaign, you will find that Donald Trump — whether you like him, love him or hate him — has the most diverse coalition of voters of any Republican ever in Florida,” said Tyson, who has worked extensively with GOP campaigns. “I know that will offend a lot of people on both sides, but the data is pretty clear on this point.”

    Democrats have become the party of Hollywood, academia, and coastal elites.

    The Republican party should continue to reach out to and welcome all minorities with an emphasis on working people, taxpayers and those who want law and order.


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    healthguyfsu | November 5, 2020 at 2:30 pm

    All minorities welcome. Free Thinking encouraged. You are not programmed to vote one way because of your skin color (that’s the Biden way).

    Really close elections that go into overtime counting disputed votes are beginning to look like Groundhog Day. The party needs a realignment that commands more than a squeaker of electoral votes.

    The platform at

    Allegiance to national sovereignty rather than submission to transnational authorities.

    Championing American citizens rather than “global citizens” of a borderless world. 

    Restricting immigration to end the downward pressure on Americans’ wages.

    Bringing jobs and industries back to America.

    Ending our reliance on Communist China and the cheap foreign labor of “global supply chains.”

    Buying and hiring American. 

    Rejecting free-trade orthodoxy and defending American workers and small businesses against the predations of a global corporate oligarchy.

    Advancing economic nationalism rather than globalism.

    Restoring government by elected representatives rather than rule by a permanent administrative state bureaucracy accountable to no one.

    Ending the endless wars, military adventures that drain our blood and treasure while destroying traditional culture here and abroad.

    Rebuilding America rather than embarking on nation-building projects around the world.

    Breaking up the monopolies that control our media, technology, and economy and have an undue influence over our society and government.

    Rejecting neo-Marxist ideology. Standing up for Western civilization, Judeo-Christian culture, and traditional values of God, personal responsibility, and protection of the inalienable rights granted by our Creator, not the government.

    At the same time, the GOP must promote reforms that benefit and protect the working man rather than the Wall Street and Silicon Valley oligarchs. The people want less wokeness and more economic security for the little guy. The GOP must become the party of the working man and his family. The people are telling us what they want.

    In California, where Donald Trump is currently trailing Joe Biden 66 to 34, voters rejected a proposition to restore Affirmative Action by an overwhelming margin.

    Another surprising outcome this week was a decision to almost double the minimum wage in Florida to $15 an hour.

    83% of voters in Nebraska voted to cap payday loans, typically used to trap working class people in a cycle of debt. Both Trump and the Republican party have worked overtime to further deregulate the payday loan industry.

    In Denmark last year the winning platform was less immigration and more social security for the Danes.

    “The future of the Republican party lies with the Hispanic vote.”

    This crap again?

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