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    Student Government Officials at Cornell Reportedly Threatened for Voting Against Disarming Police

    Student Government Officials at Cornell Reportedly Threatened for Voting Against Disarming Police

    “I will beat your a—, please put your address in the chat”

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    We have gotten to the point where people on the left are comfortable using threats and intimidation. Where do they think this will end?

    The Washington Free Beacon reports:

    Cornell Activists Threaten Peers Who Voted Against Disarming the Police

    Cornell University activists are threatening student government representatives who voted against disarming the campus police.

    On Nov. 19, Cornell’s student government voted by a 15-14 margin not to disarm the campus police. Following the failed resolution, activists took to social media to harass and threaten the representatives who opposed the bill. After a member of the student government posted the full names of each opponent in a group text for students of color, activists plastered the list on Instagram and Twitter, resulting in an onslaught of threats.

    Joe Anderson, a former student government president, called on his peers to fight the representatives who rejected disarming the police. “And when I say fight, literally fight them, I can’t stand those ugly people,” Anderson said.

    Another student, who goes by the Twitter name “Youssanta claus,” said he wanted to beat up a non-voting member of the student government, but was unable to identify him because “all these white men looked the same.”

    The member in question, Zion Sherin, faced a torrent of abuse in an online student government meeting following the vote, a video of which was obtained by the Washington Free Beacon. “Zion I will beat your a—, please put your address in the chat,” one student yelled. “Suck my a—,” another said.

    Language warning for this video:


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    artichoke | November 25, 2020 at 6:13 pm

    I think Cornell students need to pay more attention to student government elections. What I saw on that video, with the aggression and the harassment, was not good.

    Cornell has significantly lowered their standards. Don’t give a dime to them. It is a level of incompetence they were even admitted to the school.Cornell activists can threaten and intimidate only in numbers. Individually they are genuine cowards who don’t want to work and thrive on complaining. Total losers. Great job to those who challenged them. Don’t ever let up in being yourself. Stay strong.

      artichoke in reply to ajcbjl. | November 26, 2020 at 2:27 pm

      Diversity admits often turn negative after a year or two. The school is very difficult for them and it doesn’t let up, and so they switch to arguments where they can feel success, they grab for a life raft.

      In lifeguard training, we were taught consistently that the most important thing is to ensure the victim can’t drag you down while you’re trying to save them. The various holds they taught (cross-chest, hair, etc.) are designed that way. Now the lifeguard is supposed to carry a foam noodle so the victim doesn’t even get close to them, just grabs onto the other end of the noodle.

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