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    Rahm Emmanuel To Unemployed Retail Workers: Learn To Code

    Rahm Emmanuel To Unemployed Retail Workers: Learn To Code

    “There’s going to be people, like at J.C. Penney and other retail [outlets]. Those jobs are not coming back”
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    As the post-2020 election dust begins settling, for the Democrats anyway, former Obama stooge Rahm Emmanuel digs up and mercilessly flings at those Americans left behind by regressive, globalist policies insulting, condescending leftist advice.  He tells unemployed, and soon-to-be-unemployed under the Harris-Biden administration, retail workers that they need to #LearnToCode.

    In January of last year, I noted that left-media layoffs resulted in a gleeful response by the right, telling them to learn to code, advice many of these very people had disdainfully suggested for Kentucky coal miners whose livelihoods were decimated by anti-fossil fuel fanatics on the left, up to and including the Obama-Biden administration.

    When our nation’s coal miners found themselves out of work, the left-media gleefully told them that they need to “learn to code.”  After all, they were dinosaurs working, literally, with dinosaur fuels and needed to be reeducated for the global, technological economy.  The condescending chant that rained down from the privileged ivory towers of the leftist eliteLearn. To. Code.

    Big Tech was not amused.

    And here we are again, in a horrific Groundhog Day recycling of the Obama-Biden administration:  The Harris-Biden administration is about to declare war on American workers not only in the fossil fuels industries but in other staples of American enterprise like bricks and mortar retail sales.

    Breitbart reports:

    Laid-off retail workers should learn to code for new software jobs, says Democrat heavyweight Rahm Emanuel.

    “There’s going to be people, like at J.C. Penney and other retail [outlets]. Those jobs are not coming back,” Emanuel told ABC News November 6.

    “Give them the tools, six months, you’re going to become a computer coder. We’ll pay for it, and you’ll get millions of people to sign up for that,” Emanuel said. “They are not going back to parts of the retail economy, and we need to give them a lifeline to what’s the next chapter.”

    Note the reemergence of one of the Socialist Democrats’ favorite tag lines: “Those jobs are not coming back.” It sounds like we will soon be back to the administration and oversight of America’s decline, and after four years of President Trump’s America First successes, I, for one, am not looking forward to that prospect.


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    Learning to code is useless if foreign corporations control the market

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