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    Rep. Bill Pascrell, Jr., files Bar complaints against Trump election lawyers

    Rep. Bill Pascrell, Jr., files Bar complaints against Trump election lawyers

    Jonathan Turley: “What Pascrell is doing is undermining our legal system … [This] is a dangerous form of demagoguery.”
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    Threats and intimidation have been part of the Democrat Resistance to Trump from the beginning.  Those attacks now are focused on lawyers representing Trump and Republicans in election litigation.

    The Lincoln Project and others organized harassment and doxxing of Trump law firms and lawyers. It’s unclear to what extent those threats, including threats to harass unrelated clients of the law firms, caused some firms and lawyers to withdraw, but the message was clear, represent Trump in election legal proceedings, and your life and job would be made miserable.

    The attacks now have reached the level that a Democrat Congressman Bill Pascaral, Jr., has filed Bar complaints against lawyers representing Trump:

    Pascrell is a danger to our civil society. Jonathan Turley makes the point that Pacrell’s actions are part of a larger Democrat assault on lawyers, law firms, and even legislators:

    We have been discussing the campaign of harassment and threats against Republican lawyers to get them to drop election challenges. New Jersey Democratic Rep. Bill Pascrell expanded that campaign this week with a malicious and frivolous demand for New York and other states to disbar roughly two dozen lawyers for representing Trump, the Republican party, or the Trump campaign in the litigation. While Democratic members and the media discuss attacks on democracy and the rule of law, they appear to have little problem with campaigns to threaten and harass both lawyers and legislators for raising questions about the election.

    Many of us criticized Rudy Giuliani for his performance in this litigation, particularly the controversial press conference held last week. Indeed, I have previously criticized Giuliani for his public comments and allegations. However, Pascrell wants Giuliani disbarred specifically for filing these legal actions as well as a host of other lawyers….

    As I have previously discussed, it is a familiar campaign that is unfolding without objections from most media figures, lawyers, or law professors. Indeed, this is a campaign that has been led by lawyers against lawyers….

    At the same time, Democratic leaders like Michigan’s Attorney General  Dana Nessel have threatened criminal prosecution against those who have posted videos alleging voting fraud and even threatened possible prosecution of legislators who meet with President Trump or raise challenges to the election results.  The media is virtually silent on these threats to coerce lawyers and legislators into silence….

    What Pascrell is doing is undermining our legal system by using his office to advance a campaign targeting lawyers and legislators who raise objections to his party prevailing in the presidential election. As with the Lincoln Project’s campaign, this is raw retaliation and intimidation to deter the use of our legal process. When such actions were taken against lawyers representing civil rights groups and others in the 1960s, it was correctly denounced as an outrageous abuse of our legal system. Now that Republican lawyers are being targeted, it has become a campaign supported members of Congress, thousands of lawyers, and the media.

    What Pascrell is doing is a dangerous form of demagoguery that should be denounced by people of good-faith regardless of their political affiliations.

    Needless to say, The Lincoln Project, organizers of harassment of lawyers and law firms, is on board with this strategy:

    On Monday, CNN Newsroom host Kate Bolduan brought on a member of the Lincoln Project who insisted that it was “unlawful” for any member of Michigan’s canvassing board to delay certifying that state’s election results. Jeff Timmer, whom Bolduan identified as a “senior advisor” for the disgraced organization, advocated that the American Bar Association either sanction or outright revoke the legal license of any Republican who refused to certify Michigan’s election results immediately….

    Timmer then did that thing that seemingly everyone at the Lincoln Project loves to do: he demanded potentially career-destroying consequences for any Republican attorney who failed to behave how he thought they ought to.

    JEFF TIMMER: [Shinkle] has indicated he’s not likely to vote in favor of certification.  He’ll probably have to answer to the Bar Association for that.

    KATE BOLDUAN: Do you think he should?

    TIMMER: I think he should. He has to certify. It’s his obligation. He has a sworn oath to do so.

    BOLDUAN: Do you — when you say he should answer to the Bar Association, are you saying he should, like, lose his license?

    TIMMER: Well, sanctions are definitely possible. The court has held canvassers in contempt before when they failed to do their duty. As a lawyer, I would be worried about that.

    This assault on the legal system is not isolated. It’s part of the larger attempt to deplatform people affliated with the Trump administration, prevent them from obtaining employment, and keep them off campus.

    Democrats don’t know when to stop. It will come back to haunt them. They have burned down all norms in the effort to get Trump, so they have no right to expect that they be treated any differently.


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    Emil de Blatz | November 29, 2020 at 1:50 am

    Not to pick nits here – but he did not file a bar complaint, he wrote a letter urging discipline proceedings for alleged violations of the ethics code. This is an attempt at intimidating publicity, but not an actual complaint.

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