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    ANTIFA Rioter to NYPD: ‘I Hope ALL of Your Children Get Raped and Killed’

    ANTIFA Rioter to NYPD: ‘I Hope ALL of Your Children Get Raped and Killed’

    “An only good cop is a dead cop”
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    Cops in Manhattan arrested 11 people after clashing with rioters on Sunday.

    Videos picked up some rioters spewing awful rhetoric at the cops, including wishes for their children to be “raped and killed.”

    The extremists and ANTIFA keep infiltrating protests against President Donald Trump.

    The organizers wanted to confront the MAGA caravans and stay away from “arrestable situations.” Others pushed them to go after the cops.

    From The New York Post:

    “Stop! Stop pushing me!” one protester shouts as police barricade the street.

    A later clip shot by The Post shows protesters hurling insults at cops.

    “It’s f–king New York City. There are people getting f–king raped and murdered,” one protester taunts. “Go fight real crime, you f–king pathetic p–sies.”

    “You tell people to get on the f–king sidewalk, then you push us off the fucking sidewalk,” another says. “This is America, right?”

    The footage shows that most protesters were on the sidewalk.

    The rioters got upset because the NYPD supposedly arrested a reporter. A spokeswoman said the cops did not arrest anyone with the proper media credentials:

    Among the people charged was a 38-year-old man with Columbia University identification but no press credentials, and a 27-year-old California man who said he was working on a documentary — but also did not have city press credentials.

    The NYPD tried to draw a distinction between journalists and those it officially recognizes through the issuance of a press pass.

    “All arrested individuals from today’s protests have been verified to not be NYPD credentialed members of the press,” the department said on Twitter.

    Here are some more videos:



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    She’s Pro-Choice, a highly progressive quasi-religion of a liberal strain.

    The Real Truth | November 3, 2020 at 10:18 am

    She is a totally worthless piece of garbage human being, to say an EVIL thing like that ! She had better be worried about KARMA, because it’s a Bi*ch, when it come back to you !

    What we have been seeing is the true nature of BlacK Lives Matter and its woke allies–terrorism for the sake of terrorism. If they had been met with deadly force fro.m the start, we would not have the current mess.

    jblow51 | November 3, 2020 at 3:23 pm

    The Policemen and Women have infinite patience when dealing with mentally damaged individuals like this Un-Employed Hooker.
    Me…..I would have squirted my Capsicum Spray right up the ‘Thing’s’ nose!

    joscefi | November 3, 2020 at 3:46 pm

    Every thought that I had has already been expressed here, and well said, without the more colourful language coursing through my thoughts, upvotes all around!

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