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    VIDEO: “The End Goal Is The Abolishment of Capitalism”

    VIDEO: “The End Goal Is The Abolishment of Capitalism”

    BLM/Antifa/Leftist activists say what they really want.
    Listen to this article

    Jeremy Segal, aka Rebel Pundit, put together a video of his interactions with BLM/Antifa/Leftist activists on the streets in recent years.

    They tell you exactly what their goal is. It’s what we’ve always known.

    Watch. And Listen.

    Via Choose Freedom, which produced a Citizen’s Guide to Insurrection and Violence.


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    and this right here is the endgame.

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    Artsakh is Armenian Clay

    We should defund them and outmode them with UBI and medicare for all

    Jack Klompus | October 21, 2020 at 11:31 am

    Little bit*ch boy, you’ll be dropped with one shot. No more dress up day for you.

    The people involved in this “revolution” are functional idiots. They have NO idea how the real world works.

    In the fist place, capitalism can not be abolished. Since the dawn of time, capitalism and entrepreneurship has been the only human economic system which actually works. And, since shortly after it appeared, there have been people who have been trying to beat the system and get something without working within the system for it. They use force to either take what they want or to force others to give them what they want. And, the whole world runs on money and potable wealth. Even Yassar Arafat had over $10 million in personal wealth, when he died. And, he never produced so much as a single pair of shoes.

    What we are seeing now, is the culmination of decades of radical liberal control of our institutions. These budding liberal despots have been dumbing down the American public and then conditioning them to accept and expect someone else to take care of them. They have used the education system, the media and even the government to accomplish this. They have fostered a lower class kleptocracy based upon illicit drugs, gambling and pandering to other vices to keep the “under-classes” poor and controllable. Many wealthier parents have surrendered their children’s education to liberal-controlled, state-run schools and the media. Government has been reduced to a kleptocracy based upon sponsorship. The wealthiest people in the world do not produce anything. They make money moving their money around between investment markets. They pay a small income tax on dividends and interest and only net capital gains upon the sale of securities and other financial investments. They have shifted the tax burden to the working middle class, by exempting the lower classes from paying taxes and insulating the investment class from similar taxation levels.

    Today, a significant portion of our society believes that they have a right to simply take what they want. Someone else will pay for it.

    oldscribe | October 21, 2020 at 11:33 am

    Rest assured, once President Trump is re-elected, he’s going to come down on these anarchistic little bastards like F5 tornado. He’s also going to fire that useless Wray and clean out the FIB. He’s going to tell AG Barr to get on the stick and start some prosecutions of the coup plotters or he’ll fire him too. Four more years should do a good job of draining the Swamp.

    these ‘protests’ may well still be happening. however, the reporting of them has dropped off considerably. i just searched for ‘blm antifa riots’. i then looked at the news tab. the most recent story listed was 5 days old. the majority of the articles were 10 days or older.
    this means that they essentially stopped reporting on them around oct. 1st. which happens to be the homestretch of the election season. this also corresponds to the time when the laptop story broke. is this accidently or media manipulation?

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