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    Trump Ad: ‘Joe Biden Sold America Out to Make His Family Rich’

    Trump Ad: ‘Joe Biden Sold America Out to Make His Family Rich’

    GOP ad attacks media for stopping reports on Biden: “YOU ARE NOT AUTHORIZED TO VIEW THIS CONTENT.”
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    The latest ad from the Republican Party for President Donald Trump attacked the mainstream media for all of a sudden not reporting or downplaying Hunter Biden’s scandals.

    Trump also released three ads attacking Joe Biden for selling out America “to make his family rich.”

    Biden’s Scandals

    Three other ads point out Hunter Biden taking advantage of his family name while emphasizing the documents that show Daddy Joe mentioned in ways to split up profits from deals with a Chinese company.

    One of the ads replays the obviously lie Joe told the media: “I have never discussed with my son or anyone else anything to do with their businesses. Period.”

    The documents show that is a lie.


    The media rightfully reported and explored the conflict of interest when Hunter Biden took a position on Ukrainian company Burisma’s board while then-Vice President Joe Biden served as the U.S. mediator to help Ukraine shift away from Russian control.

    But they stopped recently. The only explanation could be because it could hurt Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.


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