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    Post-Debate Analysis — People tell me Trump did really well (Reader Poll – Who won?)

    Post-Debate Analysis — People tell me Trump did really well (Reader Poll – Who won?)

    Trump line of the night to Biden: “All talk and no action, just like a politician.”
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    So I got some text messages from Trump supporters telling me Trump did really well. So there’s that.

    I’m definitely too close to this. My feelings watching — Biden was angry and hostile, and very pejorative towards Trump with almost every answer.

    Trump was nice. What a turnaround.

    Trump could have hit the China and Ukraine revelations harder, but at least it’s out there because Biden opened the door. Biden called the whole thing a Russian operation. It’s out there now, and that’s what matters.

    Trump was very strong on not shutting down again, on building the economy, Biden’s history locking up black men, Biden starting the cages for children. He also repeatedly came back to the fact that Biden had 8 years in office and got done none of the things he says he will get done if elected — line of the night: “All talk and no action, just like a politician.”

    The moderator Kristen Welker was better than Chris Wallace, but disproportionately interrupted and cut off Trump when he was scoring big points, asserting the need to move to the next topic.

    To the extent the debate could have an impact on votes, it likely came near the end when Biden volunteered that he would transition the economy away from fossil fuel, and Trump responded that he hoped people were listening in Pennsylvania and Texas.

    Update — having had 25 more minutes to think about it, my overall impression is that Joe Biden came across as old, really old and frail.

    Like I said, I’m too close to this. So you vote. Who won the final debate?

    Poll Open until Midnight (Pacific Time) October 23 evening.


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    Biden seemed old – I’ve only heard snippets on the radio and my impression from listening is the same. There was no strength in his voice. Sure he modulated every once in a while, but it sounded like an old man making a point over coffee with his buddies.

    And, and this is a big AND, he’s been on vacation for the better part of four days!!! AND…Trump has been pounding the pavement day and night AND running the country at the same time!!!

    I point out to people that there were legitimate questions about Hillary’s health, especially when she kept disappearing from the campaign trail. She’s been retired for 4 years now and she looks terrible. Imagine what the demands of the office would have done to her. Now think about Sleepy Slow Creepy Joe.

    I think I counted Joe’s nervous tic “Come on” at least 8 times.

    Sternverbs | October 23, 2020 at 10:51 am

    Biden was clearly drugged. He was coherent, while sometimes jumbled in thoughts, far more than ANYTIME you see him at these ridiculous “townhalls” and “rallies”.

    The DNC either drugs him for these events or they drug him into an induced coma and use hypnopedia (unconscious learning) to fill his relaxed mind with talking points.

    There is a CLEAR difference between his debates and his off the cuff appearances.

    My take on the debate?

    Kristen Welker starring in “Saving Private Biden”


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