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    Over 99% of Cornell Faculty Political Donations Go To Democrats And Liberal PACs

    Over 99% of Cornell Faculty Political Donations Go To Democrats And Liberal PACs

    “This lack of faculty intellectual and political diversity is a reality ignored by the university administration in its various diversity initiatives.”

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    Please sit down. This is going to shock you to your core, and you might lose your balance.

    Close to 100% of Cornell University faculty donations go to Democrats and liberal Political Action Committees.

    You okay? I know you didn’t see that coming.

    Unless you read our prior coverage of research conducted by the student-run Cornell Daily Sun newspaper:

    The Cornell Sun has done it again, A Campus Tilted Blue: 98% of Employee, Professor Donations Go to Dems and Left-Leaning PACs:

    Cornell’s employees gave over $900,000 in political donations throughout this election cycle — just $12,775 of that went to Republican candidates and conservative political action committees.

    Democratic candidates, including former Vice President Joe Biden, and left-leaning PACs received the remainder: $913,064 a significant difference in the political balance of the University’s employees.

    The Sun reviewed the last two years of public filings with the Federal Elections Commission from individuals who self-reported Cornell University as their employer — professors, custodians, student-workers and dishwashers, among the many other University jobs both on and off East Hill. That totaled just over 28,000 individual contributions. Employees at Weill Cornell Medical College, New York–Presbyterian Hospital and Cornell’s Qatar campus were not included in The Sun’s analysis.

    President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign amassed $5,033 from 65 contributors, while Biden received $118,859 from 891 contributors.

    From faculty alone, left-leaning candidates and groups received $402,605 to conservative-leaning candidates’ and groups’ $2,377.

    Using donations as a measure is not precise. There could be spouses who donated, or contributions made to non-reporting entities (perhaps to avoid harassment — The Sun for example pulished in its article the names of several faculty members who donated to Trump). Nonetheless, it serves as a rough proxy for the ideology of the faculty, particularly the activist faculty. And it reflects a reality on campus.

    I was quoted:

    Prof. William Jacobson, law, remarked on The Sun’s findings, referring to his fellow faculty as “an intolerant echo chamber in which differing and dissenting political opinions are not welcome,” Jacobson wrote. “This lack of faculty intellectual and political diversity is a reality ignored by the university administration in its various diversity initiatives.”

    The university administration issued this laughable statement:

    In a statement to The Sun, University spokesperson John Carberry reaffirmed the diversity in Cornell’s academic and intellectual community when presented with an initial conclusion of The Sun’s findings.

    “Cornell University is committed to academic excellence and a core belief that learning flourishes in an environment where diverse ideas are presented and debated without hindrance,” the statement read. “We are a community where all voices may be heard and where the dignity of all individuals is protected.”

    The university administraiton is in a state of denial. As I wrote about earlier, Cornell ranks low in campus free speech survey, abysmal on student free expression:

    My observations that students are scared into silence, and feel the repression, is confirmed by a survey just released which ranks Cornell 40th out of 55 campuses surveyed.

    A national campus survey just released by the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (the “FIRE”), College Pulse, and Real Clear Education, conducted largest ever free speech survey of college students and rankings of campuses….

    Cornell was ranked 40th out of the 55 schools surveyed….

    Note the very low score for self-expression I have highlighted. Self-expression is defined in the survey as:

    “Self-Expression measures the proportion of students who do not report feeling unable to share their perspective at their college. This score is out of 100 points.”

    Cornell’s self-expression score is 35.3, meaning that 64.7 percent of students do not feel free to share their perspective.

    It’s going to get worse in this echo chamber as Cornell University takes a major step towards compulsory racial activism for faculty, students, and staff.

    [Featured Image: Cornell Faculty ‘Take A Knee‘ Protest 2017]


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    BierceAmbrose | October 30, 2020 at 11:33 am

    “Highet Ed” is at least three distinct offers, with at least three constituencies n degrees of scam on each.

    First, understand the offers, n insist on getting them, or that whoever gets their payoff cover what it takes to get their stuff.

    One example is the notion that public funding of highet ed is to provide a greenhouse for talent that can’t afford to cultivate itself. Out group talent that can’t get in or gets forced out is a loss on that mission.

    Myself, I’m OK funding some genius kid who couldn’t get or stay in on their own. I’m not OK funding folks who can fund themselves, or frivolous folk. I’m not OK funding anybody’s several year party that gains nothing. Pay for yr own fun.

    Funding credentials for folks who intend to stay in the credential machine is a non-starter; going into govt a close second.

    rscalzo | October 30, 2020 at 1:42 pm

    Really not shocked.

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