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    LIVE: Barrett Takes Questions From Senators on Day Two

    LIVE: Barrett Takes Questions From Senators on Day Two

    I wonder if we’ll see Spartacus!
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    We heard from the senators on Monday, which included the Democrats spewing their talking points: Barrett will end Obamacare, take away our healthcare, undo everything RBG did, etc.

    The day ended with Barrett’s opening statement. But today, at 9 a.m. ET, Barrett will take questions from the senators.

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    Stop Asking Barrett How She Would Rule on Hypothetical Cases

    Sen. Blumenthal using a rape survivor to force Barrett to answer how she would rule on a hypothetical case. Disgusting.

    Sen. Hawley Continues to Stick Up for Catholics

    I love this.

    Coons Thinks Barrett Calling Chief Justice’s Ruling as ‘Unsound’ is Chastising

    No, Judge Barrett. Calling a ruling by the Chief Justice as “unsound” means you chastised him! I love watching these men telling Judge Barrett what she actually meant when she said something.

    Sheldon Whitehouse

    All I have to say is his name, right?

    Durbin Tried a Gotcha Moment on Barrett’s Opinion on Felons and Guns

    I don’t know, Durbin. Maybe read her opinion?

    Durbin, Of Course, Asks About ACA

    Barrett reminds Durbin that Congress makes policy, not SCOTUS.

    Feinstein Concentrates on Abortion

    I don’t get why they ask these questions. Each case is different so how can Barrett know how she will rule?

    Day Two Set-Up

    The 12 Republicans and 10 Democrats will ask Barrett questions. Each will have 30 minutes.

    No doubt Obamacare and abortion will take center stage. As I noted, all the Democrats somehow already know that Barrett will strip healthcare for Americans (because somehow she has the power all by herself?). Say she does vote to end Obamacare. It might not matter:

    As Law&Crime’s Elura Nanos pointed out, however, this could be a flawed argument given that six of the other justices have records that favor the principle of severability. This means that they could potentially rule that while the mandate is unconstitutional, other parts of the Affordable Care Act could survive.

    A look to three years ago could also provide a glimpse at how Democrats may question Barrett. During her 2017 Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals confirmation hearing, she faced questions from Sens. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., and Dick Durbin, D-ill., about her religious background and beliefs.

    Day One Recap


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    MoeHowardwasright | October 13, 2020 at 1:09 pm

    Did anyone catch dustpan saying that near military weapons can kill hundreds at a time? Did I hear that incorrectly? Last time I looked, automatic weapons are a banned class of weapon. But then again, what would you expect from dustpan. He’s nothing but a walking pile of excrement.

    somebody from rhode island needs to unseat whitehouse

    I find this issue not talked about, Sotomayor and Kagam were both nominated and confirmed during the swine flu pandemic. the pandemic didn’t shut down the business of government then.

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