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    LIVE: Trump vs. Biden, Round 1

    LIVE: Trump vs. Biden, Round 1


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    President Donald Trump and Joe Biden faceoff tonight at 9 PM ET in the first debate moderated by Chris Wallace.

    This should be delicious, especially since Biden cannot evade Wallace.

    Trump and Biden will debate for 90 minutes.

    Wallace chose six topics:

    • Supreme Court nomination battle
    • Wuhan coronavirus
    • Economy
    • Protests and riots
    • Election integrity
    • Candidates’ records


    Hunter Biden



    Pack the Court?

    Election Consequences

    Four. Years.

    Biden the Democratic Party?

    Biden Not Opposed to Barrett??

    The debate just started and Biden said he doesn’t oppose ACB for SCOTUS.

    It Begins



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    amatuerwrangler | September 29, 2020 at 10:47 pm

    Mail voting: The rule is that ballots must be postmarked before the close of the polls on election day. Period. In most places the post offices close their “public window” at around 5pm, local. Mail ballots should be in the POST OFFICE, not the corner mailbox, on the Monday before, if they will bear the proper postmark.

    I can drop my various payments into the mail, usually the drive-by box outside the PO and 3 days later the recipient half a continent away is thanking me for my payment. Its been that way for years.

    So. Any ballot received after close-of-business at the election office is not counted. Right into the shredder. If a person is not interested enough in voting to make sure their ballot gets counted, they don’t deserve to vote.

    First thought:

    1) Chris Wallace had absolutely NO control of this debate. His questions, with two exceptions, were couched in favor of Joe Biden and, again with two exceptions, he consistently failed to force Biden to answer the question posed.

    2) Biden, held up well, physically. But, he was also obviously scripted. He seemed to have a real problem with responding off script. And, he resorted to personal name calling.

    3) We still have NO idea what Biden’s position on anything is.

    4} Trump did an adequate job of defending his record. But, it was impossible for him to put forward any of his future vision, in any detail, when he had to spend so much time rebutting Biden’s unsupported claims.

    It was like watching an UFC fight. No knockout. Each candidate’s supporters will see a win for their man. But, the results were mixed.

    CommoChief | September 29, 2020 at 10:53 pm

    My takeaway:

    1. Wallace wasn’t 100% in the tank for Biden but the phrasing of some questions revealed his bias. He did try, unsuccessfully to disguise it, so points for that.

    2. Biden was ok when he was needling Trump or regurgitate talking points. Many times he went off the rails a bit.

    3. After Biden’s display tonight I don’t want to hear about Trump and ‘the dignity of the office’ or ‘respect for norms’ to the end of time.

    4. Trump visibly restrained himself from punching Biden, at least to me, so that’s a win for Trump on that point. He didn’t let Biden’s prattling get to him after that early moment.

    5. Trump had much better, funnier one line zingers when interrupting Biden. Biden came across as a condescending ahole, IMO.

    notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | September 29, 2020 at 10:57 pm


    Tl Howard

    Joe loses here because the suburban moms that the Dems so much want to get to vote for them are SICK of the racial diversity mantra, the identity politics.

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