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    First Presidential Debate Quick Take: Aggressive Trump, Old Biden

    First Presidential Debate Quick Take: Aggressive Trump, Old Biden

    Andrew Sullivan: “I’ve never seen Biden seem so old or so weak. He can’t land a strong blow. He’s being successfully heckled. I want to look away.”
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    What a s–tshow. Chris Wallace was horrible, at times literally arguing with Trump, and continually reprimanding Trump for interrupting when interruptions were bipartisan during the debate — Biden did it continually.

    Hard to assess who “won” — I’m too close to it.

    Trump did very well on law and order. Just when Biden had a potentially deadly moment of debate silence when Trump pressed him to name a single law enforcement group that supported Biden, and Biden had no answer, Wallace saved him by changing the subject.

    I don’t think Trump won people over, but I could see Biden’s image as the supposed nice guy being damaged.

    I value Andrew Sullivan’s view on this because he hates Trump and supports Biden, but he’s willing to speak some truth on this. He thought Biden did horribly:

    Maybe that’s the only takeaway, that Biden came across as weak. It’s one I’m seeing from a lot of lefties on Twitter.

    Update: I just switched to MSNBC and CNN, and they seem to agree with Sullivan that Trump dominated (of course, that means Orange Man Bad to them):

    Nicole Wallace: Trump showed “an insatiable need to dominate and control.”


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    DaveGinOly | September 30, 2020 at 11:32 am

    Two days ago a friend of mine emailed me and asked about the debate: “How do you see this going?”

    My reply:
    1. Biden bombs bigly.
    2. Failing that, post-debate, Team Biden objects to something Trump did or said, and advises that the remaining debates be called off. This prevents the possibility of #1, above, from occurring in a subsequent debate.

    Calls for #2 were being made within minutes of the end of the debate.

    The big mistake that people are making, with regard to Trump’s performance in this debate, is that they want to impart their personal idea as to how it should have been run. And, they are wrong.

    This was never going to be a debate on the future vision of the two candidates. It was going to be a forum to stage a two-on-one attack on Trump. That is what the Trump camp planned for and what they fought against. It was going to be a carefully scripted series of gotcha questions for Trump and allowing Biden to slide with non-answers. But, Trump derailed that in the first two minutes.

    In the course of the entire debate, Biden answered only a single question, which concerned how he would handle global warming. And, he muffed that by reciting the specifics of the New Green Deal and then inferring that the US should pay Brazil to make its citizens stop burning its rain forests. WTF? Everything else was a non-answer, sometimes not even attempting to address the substance of the question. His big vision for the future was that he would not govern like Trump. Though, in his current campaign adds, his promised actions mirror those already done by Trump. Then, there was his vision of saving the economy. It seemed to revolve entirely around the government giving people tax money. Doe she have any idea the source of government funds? It is taxes. His plan would require giving people money and then taking it back to balance the books.

    Trump was denied the time to present specifics on his plans as he had to spend so much time countering the flat out lies pout forth by Biden and, to a lesser extent, Wallace. Trump presents evidence to disassemble the Biden lies, in most cases, while Biden simply claimed any negative information about him were lies, without presenting any particulars.

    Contrary to pundits, Trump does not have to sway undecided voters to support him. His supporters roughly equal the number of people who will vote against him, either on philosophical grounds or because they believe the Orange Man bad propaganda. The undecideds are going to remain mostly undecided, regardless of what Trump or Biden do. So, his only real need is to keep his supporters energized and voting and to fight the absolutely egregious amount of vote fraud that the Dems will engage in. And, it is clear that it is coming.

    Trump correctly assessed the threat from Biden, in the debate. And, while not pretty, he effectively nullified it.

    The best part of the debate was that Wallace looked like a totally inept tool, which is exactly what he is.

    Two takeaways:

    First, Biden was doing his version of Armchair Quarterbacking, or in this case Basement President. He repeatedly kept saying that Trump is doing a bad job, he’s messing up. Trump kept asking Biden what he would do but he had no answers just more jabs at Trump’s bad decisions.

    Second, Biden has been running a lot of nonsense ads in southeastern Michigan. By that, I mean ads that are flat out wrong, like Trump is taking away pre-existing coverage when he just signed an exec order to the contrary. Well, all of Joe’s points were straight from his campaign ads. No policies. No actual commitments. No plan.

    We heard nothing new from Sleepy Slow Creepy Joe other than he proved he can stand and keep his eyes open after ten in the morning. This gives him the win thanks to the compliant media.

    Trump on the other hand, while combative, made a lot of points that half the population of the US never heard before because of the Lame Stream Media blackout of anything good that Trump does.

    The debate was annoying and pointless … thumbs down for everyone …

    The interrupting was very deliberate and had specific intent.

    1- Break Joe’s train of thought
    2- Fluster Joe (and Wallace)
    3- Present an image of damning convention- we like Trump because he does not play by their rules.
    4- Present an image of being in control. This was his stage and he’s not sharing it with sleepy joe.
    5- Make Wallace look like he’s running a circus.

    The risk of coming across as a bully was very calculated. Trump knows how to do this.

    I tuned in for the second half and the interrupting and attacks were effective at ticking boxes 1-5. Joe’s pharmacist did a great job to his credit. Bet we don’t see him for a week while he recovers.

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