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    Will Joe Biden Debate Donald Trump? (Reader Poll)

    Will Joe Biden Debate Donald Trump? (Reader Poll)

    Team Biden undoubtedly is polling and focus-grouping whether the damage from bailing out outweighs the potential damage from Biden appearing disoriented and diminished during three 90-minute debates.

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    The Great Debate is whether Joe Biden will debate Donald Trump in the series of three debates currently suggested.

    While insisting that Biden “looks forward” to debating, you can see the seeds of an excuse being planted, centered around Trump allegedly abusing the debate process AND the coronavirus making travel and appearances risky to health.

    I laid out the Democrat concerns in Dems fear Biden would blow it all by debating Trump.

    It’s all but certain that Team Biden or their consultants are feverishly polling and focus grouping how much damage will be done to Biden if he either backs out, or imposes conditions to which he knows Trump would not agree (e.g., wearing of masks if the debate is in-person, or doing the debate remotely via video link). That damage will be weighed against the potential damage from Biden appearing disoriented and diminished during three 90-minute debates.

    Joe Biden did okay in the primary debates because he was limited to very short segments, with so many other people on the stage to take up time. But 90 minutes is a really long time. Even sympathetic questioners can’t stop Trump from attacking Biden directly.

    So, will Biden debate Trump?



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    He can’t string 90 SECONDS of coherent speech together, I say no.

    Yes, he will absolutely debate Trump. There may be restriction in place to help him look coherent, but it’s not something he can get away with not doing and serious people on his team know it.

    The “major” networks and cable outlets already have refused to air the full Trump WuFlu briefings, so my guess is that they will just air edited clips that show Biden in his best light.

    He does not get around debating, though. His maniacal giggles, random ramblings, and bizarre shouting/insults will just be edited out as if they never happened. It doesn’t matter that they will be seen online (like here at LI) because Biden voters will never see what really happened and will believe whatever they hear. Completely pathetic, of course, and embarrassing for our supposed intellectual betters, but that is what will happen.

    xsnake | August 8, 2020 at 3:57 pm

    They’ll debate long before Durham indicts Brennan.
    (Ooooops….Durham just said that Brennan’s going to skate!)
    One of those late Friday cowardly news dumps…..this one (and the one exonerating Ilhan Omar)….on the eve of Congress going on Summer recess.

    Sally MJ | August 9, 2020 at 11:49 pm

    I think Joe Biden will be sitting at the little kids‘ table all by himself.

    The_Mew_Cat | August 10, 2020 at 8:35 am

    I expect the Democrats to pull an October Surprise, and to send Biden’s VP (likely Whitmer or Rice) to debate Trump on his behalf.

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