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    Sen. Hirono Walks Out of Hearing After Refusing to Denounce or Criticize Antifa

    Sen. Hirono Walks Out of Hearing After Refusing to Denounce or Criticize Antifa

    “Sometimes I don’t think you listen.” Sen. Hirono to Sen. Cruz
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    Democrats have been loudly silent on Antifa and their domestic terrorist-like tactics. During a hearing discussing nationwide protests, Sen. Hirono (D-HI) refused to criticize Antifa.

    She mentioned freedom of speech and then suggested any attempt to get a Democrat on record criticizing the group of thugs was little more than political gamesmanship. And in some ways, the latter is true, but this one is easy — Antifa is destroying businesses, property, livelihoods, that’s just a fact. There ought to be unilateral criticism of such behavior, and yet…


    From Fox News:

    “Sometimes I don’t think you listen,” Hirono told Cruz at the Senate Judiciary subcommittee hearing as he finished up with a nearly 10-minute speech.  “So, how many times have I had to say that we all should be denouncing violent extremists of every stripe.”

    “Does that include Antifa?” said Cruz, who was chairing the hearing.

    “I have the time,” Hirono shot back.

    “…I hope this is the end of this hearing, Mr. Chairman, and that we don’t have to listen to any more of your rhetorical speeches,” Hirono concluded.  “Thank you very much. I’m leaving.”

    Hirono then packed up to leave the hearing before Cruz adjourned it.

    “Well I appreciate the, as always, kind of uplifting words of Senator Hirono,” Cruz said. “And I would also note that throughout her remarks she still did not say a negative word about Antifa nor has any Democrat here.”

    He urged her again to denounce the leftist extremist group. “You’re welcome to say something negative about Antifa right now,” Cruz said to his departing colleague.

    “I think that I’ve covered the subject quite well,” Hirono replied in barely audible remarks before exiting the room.

    “Okay, she declined to speak, so that is the position of the Democratic Party,” Cruz said.

    Professor Turley was testifying during the hearing:

    Hirono is a well-documented nutter who thinks anti-Catholic smears (she attacked a federal judicial nominee for being part of the Knights of Columbus) are totes fine and that religious freedoms are part of “alt-right” ideology (she accused Sen. Sasse of embracing the alt-right).


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    Back in the day, the party out of power was the “loyal opposition”. Now it is resistance, anarchists and criminal malcontents. Seems the Democrat party looks upon them as a large constituency. Their leaders openly defend hoods and their tactics. They deserve every citizen’s scorn.

    MAJack | August 6, 2020 at 7:48 am

    Loathsome human being, and dim witted at best. Nice job Hawaii.

    BierceAmbrose | August 6, 2020 at 2:21 pm

    Is it wrong that I’m really more offended by the dumb?

    There’s a not too difficult rhetorical pivot which Hiro-Glyphic there couldn’t, or wouldn’t find, that would work even up against Cruz’s verbal dexterity.

    “You seem to need to hear the word ‘antifa.’ OK, pay attention Sen Cruz.

    — I condemn the people calling themselves ‘antifa’ using street thuggey to … well, I don’t really know what.

    — Thuggery is just wrong. They’re muddying up the legitimate issues we ought to be paying attention to: what other thuggery are we not addressing?

    — If people need protests, paralyzed cities, burning, looting, thuggery and yes murder to get attention on legit issues, we have two problems, not one, don’t we?

    How about some more transparency on all the thuggery, and yes, changes to how we manage policing if that’s what we need to do. Stop trying to turn this into a team sport Sen Cruz — it’s way too important for that.”

    Not adroit enough to make that pivot or her handlers — smarter than she — can’t allow it.

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