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    Republican National Convention Destroyed Biden’s Basement Campaign

    Republican National Convention Destroyed Biden’s Basement Campaign

    Biden is heading to Minnesota and Wisconsin after Labor Day, a sure sign his internal polling has his handlers worried.
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    I have to hand it the GOP, I did not expect the Republican National Convention to be as effective and good as it was.

    It was the greatest show on earth for those four nights, driving home messaging that was extremely damaging to Joe Biden and reaching out to voter groups that are not traditional Republican voters.

    Compare the claustrophobic Biden finale:

    With the glorious Trump finale. Melanias spectacular lime-green dress stood out, and had the wife (my wife) in awe.

    Don’t take my word for it. Bill Maher is nervous: “I feel very nervous, the same way I did four years ago this time.”

    The initial polling shows Biden’s almost double-digit national polling lead cut almost in half. Both Morning Consult and Yahoo/YouGov polls show a substantial bump for Trump.

    There also are a lot of articles appearing in liberal publications warning of the hidden Trump vote. One of the most interesting is from the NY Times on how conservatives dominate Facebook in a world the mainstream media doesn’t see, What if Facebook Is the Real ‘Silent Majority’?:

    Listen, liberals. If you don’t think Donald Trump can get re-elected in November, you need to spend more time on Facebook.

    Since the 2016 election, I’ve been obsessively tracking how partisan political content is performing on Facebook, the world’s largest and arguably most influential media platform. Every morning, one of the first browser tabs I open is CrowdTangle — a handy Facebook-owned data tool that offers a bird’s-eye view of what’s popular on the platform. I check which politicians and pundits are going viral. I geek out on trending topics. I browse the previous day’s stories to see which got the most reactions, shares and comments.

    Most days, the leader board looks roughly the same: conservative post after conservative post, with the occasional liberal interloper. (If you want to see these lists for yourselves, you can check out @FacebooksTop10, a Twitter account I created that shows the top 10 most-interacted-with link posts by U.S. Facebook pages every day.) ….

    But what sticks out, when you dig in to the data, is just how dominant the Facebook right truly is. Pro-Trump political influencers have spent years building a well-oiled media machine that swarms around every major news story, creating a torrent of viral commentary that reliably drowns out both the mainstream media and the liberal opposition….

    Maybe Mr. Trump’s “silent majority,” in other words, only seems silent because we’re not looking at their Facebook feeds.

    Bloomberg News also reports on a study suggesting the polls are missing Trump voters:

    A new online study finds that Republicans and independents are twice as likely as Democrats to say they would not give their true opinion in a telephone poll question about their preference for president in the 2020 election. That raises the possibility that polls understate support for President Donald Trump….

    Political party preference was the only characteristic that correlated consistently with reluctance to share presidential preference, Leib says. There was no correlation with age, race, education, or income.

    But there’s one other factor that is a tell. When the Democratic National Convention concluded, the Biden campaign indicated that Biden would continue his virtual campaign for the foreseeable future. Then came the RNC, and now Biden is doing more TV interviews and is hitting the campaign trail after Labor Day:

    Joe Biden’s coronavirus campaign is coming to an end.

    The Democratic presidential nominee who had halted nearly all campaign travel since the pandemic struck in March said on Thursday he plans to return to the trail, likely after Labor Day.

    But it’s more than that. The battleground states are essentially in a dead heat in the polling, which probably means Trump is ahead. The Biden campaign clearly is doing its own polling, and they are sufficiently worred that Biden will be visiting in person Minnesota and Wisconsin after Labor Day.

    John Hinderaker at Power Line writes that Biden’s new travel plans confirm his battleground polling problems:

    But don’t take my word for it: the Biden campaign has implicitly confirmed that their polling, too, shows that Minnesota is in play. On Thursday, Bidenannounced that Minnesota and Wisconsin are among the states he plans to visit, in person, after Labor Day. That is good news if you are a Trump supporter. I don’t think there is any reasonable scenario on which Biden can win the election if he loses Minnesota and Wisconsin.

    Joe Biden is going to Minnesota and Wisconsin. His internal polls must be worrying his handlers. The RNC destroyed his basement campaign.


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    Another whack-job liberal Michael Moore sounds even more desperate than he was in 2016 when he predicted a Trump victory:

    Interesting that Bill Maher is citing Facebook rather than polls in his reasoning. Two weeks ago, I was polled twice by two different pollsters. I lied through my teeth to the questions like a demented Marxist. How many Trump supporters are doing the same thing? Maybe they are finally hearing us. WE DON’T TRUST ANY PART OF THE POLITICAL/MEDIA/ENTERTAINMENT MACHINE!

    When political movements are based on fundamental lies requiring the corruption of the entire establishment and endless lying, who can trust anyone or anything? That’s a two-edged sword. That is why Marxist movements fail even when they succeed. After the useful tools are killed off, the ensuing paranoia among the leadership leads to a collapse at the very top. That leads to purges as the Masters of the Universe wage war against each other to find out who will be king of the hill.

    When I see pictures of those white BLM useful tools that took over the Portland Mayor’s residence yesterday, I see dead people. In a tribal world, you need to know which tribe you belong to or you learn the hard way race and gender are NOT optional regardless of how you “feel”.

    We are being lectured by these kooks that being white is defacto racist. We have no choice. Those trying to weasel into BLM seem deaf, dumb and blind to that. Like it or not, you either stick to your tribe like birds of a feather or start your own tribe. I see dead people.

    William A. Jacobson: It was the greatest show on earth

    The Trump campaign illegally used government resources, including the premises of the White House, for campaign purposes.

      buck61 in reply to Zachriel. | August 30, 2020 at 12:54 pm

      Give yourself a little history lesson and look at where FDR accepted the nomination in 1940 and report back to us.

      On second thought, I’ll make it easy for you

        buck61: Give yourself a little history lesson and look at where FDR accepted the nomination in 1940 and report back to us.

        Oh gee whiz. There’s a far cry from FDR giving a radio address to the convention (the president is not personally covered by the Hatch Act), and the Trump spectacle requiring hundreds of federal employees using federal property as a prop.

      Barry in reply to Zachriel. | August 30, 2020 at 1:50 pm

      Oh look, the marxist is back to tell us deplorables what is legal and illegal.

      We could save some time if we just got his point –

      When Trump or republicans do it, it is illegal.

      When Biden/Obama or marxists do it, it is legal.

      The marxist Zachriel is dumber than a bag of dog poop.

      VaGentleman in reply to Zachriel. | August 31, 2020 at 11:05 am

      Zac, if you guys want to lecture someone on morality, remember that it helps to have some. You want us to be outraged over a photo-op. Unfortunately for your cause, we remember how Obama weaponized the IRS against conservative groups, how the DOJ and FBI lied to the court to get Ted Stevens, how Obama’s FBI conspired with the Hillary campaign to use a fake dossier and lie to the FISA court to illegally spy on his political opponent. We remember all that and more. And, we remember that you weren’t really outraged about any of it. Any fake outrage (like MeToo) was just cover while you planned the next assault on virtue. So we don’t care. You have moved from interesting to just background noise. Remember the boy who cried wolf? That’s what happens to serial liars.

      MAGA 2020!

    The Democratic House under Pelosi has used government resources of every description for its campaign (impeachment, election, whatever) purposes all the time. Likewise, the swamp as a whole since before 2016. One giant hijacking of government.

    rfhirsch | August 30, 2020 at 1:38 pm

    Below are some interesting data on people who watched the DNC and the RNC on C-Span using YouTube. The RNC had 14 times more total viewers than the DNC over the 4 days. The DNC actually had more NEGATIVE than positive ratings, while the RNC was strongly positive. This supports the idea that Republicans are using the web more, and not just Facebook.

    Day Views +Ratings -Ratings
    1 83K 1.4K 2.1K
    2 52K 731 904
    3 66K 1.1K 1.0K
    4 164K 2.8K 4.6K
    Total 365K 6.0K 8.6K
    1 1.04M 24K 9K
    2 1.81M 30K 8K
    3 0.95M 21K 4K
    4 1.39M 42K 9K
    Total 5.19M 117K 30K

    By the way, the media are saying that the DNC had more viewers on TV for their convention than the Republicans for their convention. However, this leaves out the online viewership on media web sites and on Facebook and YouTube. I checked YouTube for day one of the RNC and found more than 4 million viewers. This does not include people who viewed it on the media’s own websites just YouTube.

    Note: The data were collected the day after the RNC ended. They will be higher now due to people looking at them since Friday.

    Insufficiently Sensitive | August 31, 2020 at 10:19 am

    how conservatives dominate Facebook in a world the mainstream media doesn’t see

    That must be a weird corner of Facebook. The musical part I see is full-on Hate Trump 24/7.

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