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    Media Melts Down Over Sturgis Bike Week, Forgets They Gave BLM and Antifa a Virus Pass

    Media Melts Down Over Sturgis Bike Week, Forgets They Gave BLM and Antifa a Virus Pass

    The left’s hysteria and hypocrisy on full display
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    There they go again. The leftwing, its media and social media activists, are melting down over this week’s annual Sturgis bike rally.  Wuhan coronavirus, they alarm—completely aware that they have been excusing BLM and antifa riots, looting, vandalism, arson, murder, and mayhem for months now—is suddenly a huge threat to public health.

    Rallies for me, but not for thee.

    In its 80th year, the Sturgis bike rally is a tradition, a bit of Americana that still survives the leftist onslaught against out nation’s culture and heritage.  Sure, some in attendance may be affiliated with outlaw biker organizations, but many are just bike enthusiasts and hangers on (and wannabes).

    Sturgis is one of the times each year when bike enthusiasts gather, and it’s just too much for the radical left intent on stomping out any and all behavior they do not condone and cannot control.

    The left’s hysteria and hypocrisy are rampant.  How dare they rally when coronavirus is a pandemic and who cares about the months-long rallying of BLM and antifa?  Hardly the same thing at all since Sturgis will spike Wuhan coronavirus cases, while the “mostly peaceful” rioting, vandalism, arson, murder, and mayhem were exempted from coronavirus infection. Or something.

    Wait, aren’t they wearing masks? (via Twitchy):

    Imagine these tweets in response to the wide-spread BLM protests:

    The most priceless of all tweets, possibly evah:

    That’s a bad idea.  Really bad.  Antifa v. bikers at Sturgis?  My money’s on the bikers.  Every dime.

    Then there are those in favor of Sturgis:

    Someone is near to getting a clue about how this pandemic panic-porn works:

    The answer appears beyond his grasp because he’s not asking why BLM protests and riots are permitted.  It’s pretty simple: lockdown every American patriot and let free only those anti-American rioters who seek our country’s destruction.

    That’s the only way to explain the in-our-face double-standard.  Sturgis isn’t a Trump rally or a rally for any political candidate or cause; it’s just a biker thing, they do it every year, and the only reason it’s a problem now is that they are deemed to engage in “wrong think.”

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    How in the fuck is it that live shows and other large events can’t happen to contain the pandemic but the Sturgis Bike Rally with a possibility of over 200,000 people gathered from all over the US is allowed to go on!? #WTF

    — Shawn James (@ShawnJamesMusic) August 8, 2020
    I know, let’s call in the entire police force in all of South Dakota.
    They’d still probably be 225,000 short at best.

    If we all had the courage to gather in large numbers like these bikers, we too would be untouchable.

    I’m going to beat this to death but I really like the idea of declaring a “day of celebration” on August 31 or Labor Day to celebrate the end of the pandemic and calling on citizens themselves to declare the country is now open for business. The old normal is back.

    Are they going to turn off the power and water for everybody? Antifa and BLM are largely useful fools with a limited smattering of trained agitators/terrorists. As has been demonstrated several times over the weekend, they are outnumbered and can be chased out of town anywhere. We just have to decide that is what we are going to do. Us.

    Large numbers of us. At the same place. At the same time. We can organize that day right out in the open and they cannot stop it. What could our local tin pot political dictators do? about it? Call the police? We’ll incorporate “support the blue” into the celebration. Welcome them back! REUNITE the UNITED States! We’re back and in your face!

    KnarfEK | August 9, 2020 at 8:07 am

    These are bikers who don’t even wear HELMETS!

    Arminius | August 9, 2020 at 10:16 am

    Let me see if I have the hang of this.

    In 1989 2 Navy F14s encountered 2 Libyan MiG-23s in a mostly peaceful fly-by just of the mostly peaceful part of the mostly peaceful part of the mostly peaceful part of of the Med just off of Tobruk.

    Because why not.

    Hello Libya! Just wanted to say hi. The whole thing was mostly pees full. Right up until the shooting started.

      David Lentz in reply to Arminius. | August 10, 2020 at 2:53 pm

      Note, the Tomcats were armed,live missiles. The had Rules of Engagement which permit return file. The Navy was baiting Libya, and they took the bait.

    ps3udolus | August 9, 2020 at 3:45 pm

    Typical leftist hypocrisy. I’d love to see antifa protest Sturgis. Those bullies haven’t hand anyone really stand up to their krap and take them to school! Money on the bikers all the way. It oughta be pay per view!

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