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    Group behind ‘Occupy Wall Street’ planning 50-day ‘White House Siege’ through Election Day

    Group behind ‘Occupy Wall Street’ planning 50-day ‘White House Siege’ through Election Day

    “It’s time again for dramatic, decisive action. Which is why, on September 17th, in the original and enduring spirit of Occupy, we and tens of thousands of our fellow citizens will stream into Lafayette Square, in Washington. D.C.”

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    Adbusters was the group credited with creating the Occupy Wall Street movement that ‘occupied’ not only Zuccotti Park in downtown Manhattan, but much of our news coverage in 2011.

    Here’s a small sampling of our coverage:

    Occupy Wall Street never went away in spirit. In many ways, it set the stage for and is the inspiration of the current Anifa anarchist movement.

    Now Adbusters has a new project, a 50-day ‘siege’ of the White House in the run up to the November 3 election.

    September 17 is significant, because that was the date in 2011 that the occupation of Zuccotti Park started.

    Adbusters writes at its website:

    All right, all you activists:

    It’s been nine years since we set off the political earthquake of #OccupyWallStreet, laying siege to NYC’s Zuccotti Park and inspiring thousands of similar protests around the world.

    The Occupy anniversary arrives September 17th, 2020. And it may be the perfect day to trigger another global big-bang moment — a massive collective action of the sweetest kind of disobedience.

    The why hardly needs recitation. Because, for these nine years, the shadows have only grown longer. Inequality has soared. Not a single Wall Street CEO spent a night in jail for his role in the 2008 financial meltdown. Politicians and corporate criminals continue to savage the public trust with impunity. And all the while, this howling void of a president, his sins too many to name, sits smugly atop a corona death-toll that may surpass two-hundred thousand Americans by Christmas.

    It’s time again for dramatic, decisive action. Which is why, on September 17th, in the original and enduring spirit of Occupy, we and tens of thousands of our fellow citizens will stream into Lafayette Square, in Washington. D.C.

    We will lay siege to the White House. And we will sustain it for exactly fifty days. This is the #WhiteHouseSiege.

    A siege only works if it is sustained. We witnessed this — the multiplying power of a strategic occupation — nine years ago. You dig in, hold your ground, and the tension accumulates, amplifies, goes global.

    It’s hard to know just how likely this is to happen. If it happens, the person currently ‘occupying’ the White House will be happy with the optics.


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    GatorGuy | August 10, 2020 at 11:15 am

    Rather than any counterviolent motions, maybe this might satisfy our aims, needs, and renewed purposes as a free people.

    If our ideological adversary in this instance wants 50 days laying siege to the White House, then, if that’s lawful, they’ll have it.

    That said, let’s still take away their appetite to start or continue, or to reach some ugly, destructive, un-American climax to, the siege.

    Fifty days represents in their view, I’m presuming, our union’s 50 states. That’s what they, our occupation-reiterating and unprincipled foes might mean, I suppose: The whole nation is in the balance our foes hang before us. Let’s remind these intending, nation-undermining siege layers of this: There are other significant views that complement, rather than signify real threat to the fate of the 50 states as a whole they’re addressing in their plans.

    I have a kind of Jubilee in mind as the 50-day intended period’s end-event. It celebrates, on November 3, 2020, the day we reelect the 45th president of the United States as the 46th Commander-in-Chief and CEO, our nation’s recommitment to ordered liberty and equal justice under law.

    Look at the front, on each side of the steps leading up to the entrance of the United States Supreme Court building — there are two sculptures facing the viewer: The Contemplation of Justice, on the left, and the Authority of Law, on the right. They symbolize the aforementioned two desired, intended, and unmitigated duties, among others, of our government to maintain and promote our American society to those deserving of the duties and delights of citizenship.

    It thus affirms the uncompromised, unequivocal, unqualified principle that ALL AMERICAN LIVES MATTER, period. In declaring this on event of our proposed, upcoming Jubilee, there are no meaningful, semantically legitimate narrowings, cutoffs, or abridgments of this principle in our society. It is universal in its number, its scope, and its application. We are thus one out of many — not many upon many, divided and unified.

    I thus propose this rough, but basic outline of our celebration, on November 3, 2020, 50 days after the initiation of Antifa’s intended Siege of the White House, on September 17, 2020, titled


    Let’s seriously consider its power and efficacy in such or other modified, but nonviolent terms.

    We would thus fight, as it were, again as a free and brave people for our liberty and justice, as Jefferson said during the Founding we might need to do one day.

    So let’s keep the republic, as Franklin conditionally admonished a random inquirer on the day the United States Constitution was ratified and adopted by the delegates present in Philadelphia, September 17, 1787 — Constitution or Citizenship Day — not only because we can, but especially because it’s well worth the fight.

    BierceAmbrose | August 10, 2020 at 2:20 pm

    Interesting how activists “do something” is always to demand that someone else do something.

    Paging Mr. Alinsky. Saul Alynski to the “If you can’t do, demand” courtesy phone.”

    mhjhnsn | August 10, 2020 at 2:32 pm

    On Sept. 17, 1939, the USSR invaded Poland, as Stalin had agreed to do under the Nazi-Soviet pact.

    Very appropriate day for this… the fusion of Communism and Naziism

    GatorGuy | August 10, 2020 at 2:34 pm

    My bad; make the 50 days start on 9/17, end on 11/6.

      Uncle Samuel in reply to GatorGuy. | August 10, 2020 at 5:45 pm

      They said that they plan to carry on their operations until after the election.

      No doubt, they will try to disrupt in-person voting in multiple Democrat cities.

    jrcowboy49 | August 10, 2020 at 2:34 pm

    Those who incite and/or fund riots/looting/arson (George Soros) need to be arrested for being an accomplice and/or sedition. They need to account and pay for the damage they create including costs created by obfuscation. Rioters and looters/arsonists should be placed on notice that they can/will be shot! Likewise any rioter/looter/arsonist arrested who lives outside of the immediate area does not have a “dog in the fight” and deserves an additional citation for being a paid rioter/looter and face felony charges. It is a federal crime to cross state lines or to use interstate facilities to incite or participate in violent rioting. Those rioters/arsonists arrested need to have a criminal/outstanding warrant background check, students need to be expelled, and all face loss of any government subsistence. Unmasking and disarming protestors of weapons should be enforced and Mayors, governors, government officials allowing out of control riots or preventing the police from doing their jobs should be arrested and held accountable. They are not racial justice protests they are anti-American riots. Protests don’t involve arson, assault, or property damage.
    I hate the probable fact that the real issue is we have a segment of our society that feels destroying other people’s lives when they face adversity is justified.

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