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    Poll: ‘a majority of 56% holds the view that American society is racist’

    Poll: ‘a majority of 56% holds the view that American society is racist’

    Ben Shapiro: “”Either the majority of Americans believe that their family, friends and neighbors are actually racist … or they believe that the institutions of American society are so deeply corrupt and systematically racist that they have to be razed to the ground.”
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    The left is winning the culture war at this time.  A recent Wall Street Journal / NBC poll shows that 56% of Americans have become convinced that American society is racist.

    This is worrying not only for our nation but for November’s election.  When a majority have come to believe that we are a bunch of racists with racist systems, we have lost the culture battle, if not the war.

    The Wall Street Journal reports:

    Voters in growing numbers believe that Black and Hispanic Americans are discriminated against, and a majority of 56% holds the view that American society is racist, a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll finds.

    The poll finds that Americans of all races and age groups share significant concerns about discrimination nearly two months after George Floyd, a Black man, was killed in police custody in Minneapolis. Nearly three-quarters of Americans, 71%, believe that race relations are either very or fairly bad, a 16-point increase since February.

    In other signs of substantial shifts in views on race, more voters see racial bias as a feature of American society and support protests aimed at addressing it. Nearly 60% in the survey said that Black people face discrimination, and just over half said so of Hispanics, about double the shares from 2008. Support has also grown for two of the public responses to concerns about inequality: the Black Lives Matter movement and professional athletes’ practice of kneeling during the national anthem.

    There is an interesting break down by party, however, and unsurprisingly, huge majorities of Democrats believe that black people are discriminated against and that American society is itself racist.

    The Wall Street Journal continues:

    In its deepest look at race in America in two decades, the Journal/NBC News poll also shows members of the two parties hold sharply different opinions about the extent of racial discrimination.

    An overwhelming majority of Democrats, 90%, said Black people are discriminated against, whereas 26% of Republicans agreed. A similarly large share of Democrats, 82%, believe American society is racist, a view held by 30% of Republicans.

    The 82% and 90% of Democrats believing this is alarming because although we often think that all Democrats are completely lunatic fringe loons welcoming the ushering in of the totalitarian dystopia pushed by the radical Marxists in the party and in its assorted affiliated groups, including the mainstream media, the fact is that there are still Democrats who are American patriots, who don’t want our country to be turned into a third-world rat-hole presided over by tyrannical leaders who mandate their every thought and action.

    These people are apparently shifting their views about the fundamental fabric of American society, and that is something that can and must be corrected.

    Ben Shapiro appeared on Martha MacCallum’s show earlier this week and called the numbers “shocking” and “devastating.”

    The Hill reports:

    Ben Shapiro called a new poll showing 56 percent of voters saying American society overall is racist “shocking and devastating,” warning on Fox News that those who believe the country is inherently racist will advocate the “complete destruction of the system” from within.

    “It’s shocking and devastating because it means one of two things,” the conservative commentator told Martha MacCallum on “The Story” Tuesday night.

    “Either the majority of Americans believe that their family, friends and neighbors are actually racist … or they believe that the institutions of American society are so deeply corrupt and systematically racist that they have to be razed to the ground. The only solution if you believe that society, at this moment in 2020, is systematically racist or inherently racist is complete destruction of the system from within,” he said.

    He’s not wrong.

    Shapiro goes on to wonder how much of this number reflects actual sentiment or that of people aware, in this era of radical cancel culture, of what saying anything else would bring raining down on them.

    The Hill continues:

    Shapiro warned of cultural pressures on commentators and the media in his remarks.

    “I wonder how much of this is a certain amount of cultural pressure to cave to a particular narrative pushed by the media,” Shapiro said. “You’re not going to get called out or canceled if you say that you believe America is systemically racist and that you are all in favor of kneeling for the national anthem. You will get canceled if you say the opposite.”

    Even if there is a “silent” group of people out there justifiably cowed into saying what is deemed “correct,” this is still an alarming trend.

    If there is no significant pushback, no correction, no one with a large enough platform pointing out that America is the greatest country ever founded and that all of our citizens have unparalleled access to opportunity, these numbers condemning our country as racist will continue to climb.

    And that view will be exploited by the left to seize control of our great country and to enact their fundamental transformation under the guise of correcting a systemic racism that doesn’t exist.


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    alohahola | July 26, 2020 at 5:00 pm

    American society probably is racist.


    ThePrimordialOrderedPair | July 26, 2020 at 5:14 pm

    You know who’s more racist than America? … Pretty much every other nation on Earth. Almost all of them are ethnically-based (no problem with that) and make no bones about what they think of others (also no problem with that).

    But this poll is the same sort of crap that we get with illusory-guilt ridden AMerican lefties who think that our language is irretrievably gender-biased when the fact is that English is about the most gender-neutral/non-gendered language on Earth. Pretty much all of the other languages I am aware of include gender for everything – nouns, adjectives, … while English had almost completely done away with that so many hundreds of years ago. But these idiot American lefties are on a drive to “degenderize” the most genderless language around, and most Americans are unaware of other languages to realize how totally ridiculous that is. And so … we end up with the same people trying to kill the illusory gender in English also coming up with the scientific breakthrough “discovery” that sex and gender don’t even exist, outside of ones mind; that people can just make up and declare what gender/sex they are and .. poof! .. they are that.

    I am highly suspicious of this poll on many fronts – what they are asking, what people are answering, what both sides are really thinking … I mean, the American left (which is clearly greater than 40% of this population) are totally obsessed with race and view every single thing through some distorted racist viewpoint so there’s no question that leftist politics in America are based almost exclusively on racist policies …

    I don’t know if 56% really believe this rubbish, but I am compelled to point out an important fact. A poll of “all adults” or even “registered voters” is almost certainly bogus, with the demographics representing a leftist fantasy (it is the WSJ and NBC, two corporations know for fake news). By contrast, a poll of “likely voters” actually measures who shows up at the polls to vote. The latter poll is based upon real people who actually exist and (most importantly) be measured, while the former exists only in the minds of partisan hacks.

    Ask yourself this: why do pollsters switch to “likely voter” models just before an election? Because exam time has come, kids! “Likely voter” polls can be compared to actual results, and there is no cover for polling organizations who blow it. By contrast polls of “all adults” are by definition unfalsifiable, and not real science. Fake news corporations like NBC can churn out these polls as often as they like, and smugly know they can never be disproven.

    Polls of “all adults”, like phrenology, race science, and man-made climate change, belong in the scientific Hall of Shame as fake science.

      I take your point, generally speaking; however, this is not an election poll post, so who votes doesn’t matter as much as getting a feel for how far gone we are if that many people (whether or not they vote) think our country is racist. How do you climb back from that? That, I think, is far more important to consider in polls like this one. Dismissing warning signs like this strikes me as unwise (and I’m a “likely voter” . . . who will crawl over broken glass to cast my vote in November). The culture matters, and right now, we are not in a good place, playing ostrich won’t fix it (though I’m not sure what will at this point, and that worries me more than I like to admit).

        I saw similar poll numbers in the 70s and 80s about the issue of nuclear war with the Soviet Union. According to our self-anointed moral and intellectual better of the time the solution was to give Soviets whatever they wanted, since the Soviet Union was a peace-loving nation, that Reagan was Hitler Reincarnated, and that AmeriKKKa was the real Evil Empire responsible for everything bad in history. Then (as now) non-Communists were vilified and frozen out of media and academia. Cancel culture is not a new phenomenon, unfortunately.

        So while I have excellent reasons to believe the poll in question is pure fakery, to me it does not ultimately matter one way or the other. The solution (as I see it) is to do what was done back then: tell the truth to those who will hear without fear or apology. Continue to call “B******t!” on whatever lie the Communists are pushing. Support those who stand against the brownshirts. Keep pointing out the violent, racist, anti Semitic nature of Antifa/BLM (IMO that is their main vulnerability, which is why the media guiltily pushes the “mostly peaceful” lie about their brownshirt mobs). And yes – we should all get ready for armed conflict to come to us sooner or later like it has to the unfortunate denizens of deep blue hellholes like Seattle and Portland. Should such armed conflict come, the would-be Fourth Reich should not find a passive, disarmed population they way the Third Reich did.

        (If you want to volunteer for political campaigns go ahead, but the GOPe has proven itself to be a tower of Jello in the current crisis. Why are GOP leaders in the House and Senate not laying the verbal lashings on the Communists on a daily basis for the brutality and terror going on in the streets? And frankly having folks like Mitt Romneycare and Susan Murkowski on your side is like Churchill trying to win the Battle of Britain with some of his generals fighting for the Nazis part-time.)

          Wow. Let me just say that I think we can see with our own eyes that our nation is in trouble, we don’t need a poll for that. My hope was to show that we are losing the socio-cultural war, but we know that, right? That’s why we wanted to take our country back under Obama, why we are concerned that the campus cancel culture has entered the mainstream, and why we worry about what is coming. You don’t have to like the poll, but what it reveals cannot really be denied, can it? The winds have shifted in the left’s direction, and we have a small window to change that. We won’t change it by denying that we are, currently at least, losing. /just my two cents

            There is an advantage to being an old geezer like me. 🙂

            Communists have a limited imagination, and they keep recycling the same plays out of their playbook. Many parts of the Antifa/BLM brownshirt movement seem boringly familiar, since I saw the Soviet-directed quislings of the 80s “Peace Movement” doing many of the same things.

            One major difference between now and then is the in-your-face violence and bigotry of Antifa/BLM. Republicans could make the Communists pay a steep political price – if the GOP Congressional leaders would uncurl themselves from the fetal position they are currently in.

            Heh, I’m no spring chicken. I hear what you are saying, and I know that there once was a rather powerful fascist party in the U.S., but that we won before doesn’t mean we will again. As you must know, they just keep chipping away. We help them by being dismissive of their only opposition. The GOP has shown more spine since Trump’s election than we’ve seen since Reagan. It’s stupid to bash them when they are doing all we could ask for given they have only the Senate. Want to see real action, vote GOP and give newly reelected President Trump a Republican House and Senate. Without that, he is just a pen and a phone. Undone as easily as Trump undid Obama’s pen and phone. Think. Please.

            kyrrat in reply to Fuzzy Slippers. | July 27, 2020 at 12:37 am

            Ok, if that was your essential intended point you missed on communicating it. I do agree with you in this.

            Currently, what I am doing is purchasing books, physical copies, (digital is easily altered and erased by publishers). These books cover a range of topics but all present race, culture and religion throughout history. I have quite a few books on philosophy and socio-economics. I read(re-read) them and get my 16 yr old to read and discuss them with me. I gather friends of his, who do not mind a friendly debate, and we all talk about them. I encourage him to talk about these subjects to his peers. I do not say I am changing the world, but the handful who see a different point of view is growing. Some of them are spreading the word.

            kyrrat in reply to Fuzzy Slippers. | July 27, 2020 at 12:49 am

            Lets try again. The keyboard ate the last bit of what I was saying.

            The reason I am buying those books and discussing those topics is that, to me, without an underlying understanding of ‘the path to now’ no one can communicate effectively, using historical examples, reason, and logic. Changing the mind of someone who ‘feels’ that the statement ‘all whites are racist’ or ‘america is racist’ cannot be done without the ammunition of ‘reason, history and philosophy’. Even then you might not. There is only a chance, not a certainty.

    You know who’s opinions aren’t counted in these polls?

    The HUGE number of normal Americans who either simply don’t answer the phone whenever they get a call from a number they don’t recognize (my choice…if you’re calling me and you’re not in my contacts, you better leave a message because I’m not gonna answer) or simply reply “piss off” when strangers start asking them personal questions.

    Polls are nothing more than mental masturbation and are, more often than not, specifically engineered and collected in such a way as to support a desired agenda.

      Right, Sailorcurt, I remember all those people heading into the 2012 election . . . that Obama won.

      Let’s please get real and think about what we can actually do to change the way things are going (and yes, they are going in the left’s direction, don’t doubt that). This crazy resistance to fact is befuddling to me. You can see the problems if you just look, but if it’s easier to pretend what is happening is not happening, we lose. What is hard about that?

      All: Polls can all suck and lie, but what do your eyes and ears tell you? What does your logic, your knowledge of history tell you? Think. This is not a good place for our country, and if you just shrug and dismiss the signs, you are the problem that got us here in the first place and that will be our demise. Wake up. The GOPe is not the problem, the whatever-conspiracy-theory of the day is not the problem, we die as a nation when we are no longer a nation, when we have no unifying principle, no reason for being. These are being stripped away, not by some GOPe boogeyman, but by actual Marxists, by communists. Wake the hell up, please, because you are fighting the wrong battle in the wrong war. If America dies, is murdered, by the radical Marxist left, do you declare victory over some squishy POS RINO or do you bemoan your myopia that lost us the greatest nation ever to exist?

    stablesort | July 26, 2020 at 9:42 pm

    Ignorance plays an important part in these polls. For instance, during America’s slavery peak, less than 15% of Americans were slave holders. While the great majority of slave holders were white, there were many blacks and native Americans who also owned slaves.

    There were significantly more white Europeans sold into slavery in Africa than blacks from Africa sold into slavery in America.

    Thirdly, much racism is actually culturalism rather than racism. Wait and see how many young white folks will be discriminated against due to facial neck tattoos.

    Generations of Americans have been taught that they are racist and lacking any countervailing information, they believe what they’ve been taught.

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