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    Nick Cannon Apologizes, Promises He’s ‘Committed to Deeper Connection, More Profound Learning’

    Nick Cannon Apologizes, Promises He’s ‘Committed to Deeper Connection, More Profound Learning’

    Let’s stop with the cancel culture, especially with people who admit their faults and want to learn from the experience.
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    Nick Cannon apologized for his anti-Semitic remarks on his podcast while also reiterating that he wants to learn from this experience. He also admitted his words came from an “uninformed and naïve place” and “reinforced the worst stereotypes of a proud and magnificent people.”

    Most people would have doubled down or brushed it off. Cannon has shown us once again that cancel culture is stupid. We should use these opportunities to educate the person and ourselves.

    ViacomCBS fired Cannon on Tuesday night for his remarks and because “he failed to acknowledge or apologize for perpetuating anti-Semitism.”

    Cannon’s interview with Fast Company included a non-apology, but ViacomCBS missed the crucial last part of the interview:

    “My podcast is specifically an academic podcast to have tough and difficult conversations based off of text. And if we read something and something’s not accurate, let’s do away with it,” Cannon says. “I can’t wait to sit down with some people that can help educate me and help further this conversation. I want to be corrected.”

    The only decent response to his apology came from Bethany Mandel:

    One man claimed Cannon’s apology “proves that black celebrity is completely controlled by white supremacy.”

    Cannon’s apology allegedly proves the influence Jews have in the world.

    Others think the PR firm forced the apology.

    It is a shame that so many people before Cannon ruined any chance of people believing someone’s apology. Granted, while I give Cannon credit for this first step, I need to see him interview the rabbis and show us he is learning.

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    getsome | July 18, 2020 at 12:51 am

    Never heard of this idiot before. Could care less about him now. Just another black trying to prove what a POS he is. Good job. Now go away and die. And die knowing that in a few years when we start shipping your kind to affrica, that for every one that makes it onto a boat three will have died in the street. None of them will be missed.

    CommoChief | July 18, 2020 at 12:59 pm


    I appreciate your view and share your goal of ending the cancel culture.

    Unfortunately neither you nor I are among the designers, arbiters or enforcers of these newly imposed rules. Unless and until those with the power to end this insanity choose to end this then the situation will continue.

    In fact I believe it MUST continue. Until enough of the allies or actors who are the designers, arbiters and enforcers of these new rules are caught up in breaching them and are held to account, just as the rest of us are, this will continue.

    By analogy the current rules allow for punishment akin to the kind Jack Tatum AKA ‘ the assassin’ used to dish out to opposing receivers. He would target the ear hole of any receiver attempting to catch a pass in order to cause maximum pain, injury and punishment.

    Since then rules committees agreed that action was too much and changed the rules to disallow that behavior.

    When the ‘rules committee’ of media, Twitter, campus hacks, public officials etc decide to make a change I am willing to support it. Until then they better believe that they are subject to getting targeted just as aggressively as we are.

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