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    Conservative Student Leaving Syracuse University Due to Harassment and Threats

    Conservative Student Leaving Syracuse University Due to Harassment and Threats

    “These occurrences happen daily on campus and online with no pushback from the administration.”
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    Adrianna San Marco is a conservative student journalist who has been attending Syracuse University. Back in June, she was fired by the school’s student newspaper for writing a piece that suggested institutional racism is a myth.

    Since then, she has been targeted with threats of violence, even death threats, from fellow students. Her pleas to campus administrators have gone largely ignored, so she has decided not to return in the fall.

    She shared a letter she sent to administrators which she claims has received no response:

    She also shared her announcement about not returning:

    San Marcos has also written a column detailing her experiences at The Federalist:

    Syracuse University Silent On Assault And Death Threats Against Conservative Students

    Indoctrination and exclusionary practices are not new to college campuses. They are, however, becoming increasingly normalized and dangerous. The effort to silence students who stray from leftist ideology has become detrimental to the physical safety and learning opportunities of conservative students.

    During my freshman year at Syracuse University, I quickly became aware of the liberal bias that presented in every facet of student life. During lectures, professors would frequently demean conservative values and make tacky jokes about our president. Subsequently, students felt emboldened to push further by calling all supporters of President Trump fascists and openly harassing conservative peers.

    These occurrences happen daily on campus and online with no pushback from the administration. As a conservative student, you quickly learn that your opinion is not welcome; silence will be necessary for your survival.

    Conservative students have uncomfortably endured this explicit bias on campus for years. However, the time for silence on campus has passed, as now the status quo cannot continue without jeopardizing our wellbeing.

    On Syracuse University’s campus, tensions are incredibly high. Over the past two months, multiple conservative students at Syracuse University have been threatened with assault and murder. Even more troubling, a large portion of these threats have come from other Syracuse University students and graduates.

    This is an excellent point:

    Here’s an an example of the kind of hatred she is being subjected to on social media:

    She appeared on the Drew Berquist podcast in June, to discuss the issue:

    Syracuse University sounds like a dangerous place for conservatives:

    Progressive students on college campuses sometimes argue for the removal of people they dislike, usually over politics, by saying that the person’s presence on campus makes them feel unsafe.

    This case shows that it is conservative students who are often not safe on campus.

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    Richard Aubrey | July 22, 2020 at 3:21 pm

    Wait ’til inside higher ed hears about this. Somebody ought to tell them.

    What else would you expect from Syracuse University? You’ll be better off somewhere else.

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