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    Trump declares crackdown on riots and looting, walks to fire-damaged historic St. John’s Church

    Trump declares crackdown on riots and looting, walks to fire-damaged historic St. John’s Church

    Promises to use “all available federal resources” if Governors fail to call out the National Guard.
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    Donald Trump just gave one of the strongest speeches of his career.

    He promised to protect peaceful protesters and to seek justice for George Floyd, but demanded that Governors deploy the National Guard to stop the rioting, looting, and destruction of neighborhoods.

    Trump said that if Governors did not act, he would invoke his federal authority to send in the National Guard and other military assets. He didn’t indicate which authority he was invoking, but contrary to popular belief, a president has fairly wide power to put down an insurrection.

    I’ll post the transcript as soon as I can find it.

    After the speech, Trump walked across Lafayette Park, the scene of violent riots and assaults on Secret Service officers protecting the White House, to historic St. John’s Church, which suffered fire damage during the riots.

    Not surprisingly, the media hated the speech, almost in unison complaining that “peaceful protesters” had been cleared from Lafayette Park to make way for Trump to walk through the park.

    But it appears people were given warning to leave, and the police moved in only against those who didn’t move.



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    Lowell | June 2, 2020 at 8:17 am

    With that little walk through the park, Trump just picked up several million more votes. Live with that, all of you who sympathize with rioters and arsonists.

    There is ample precedent for presidential intervention when local authorities are unable or unwilling to maintain law and order–1) Grover Cleaveland’ssendinf federal troops in the railroad workers strike–which was explicitly upheld by the Supreme Court; 2) Eisenhower’s
    federalization of the Arkansas national guard in the Little Rock school crisis.
    Most important, the time is long past for use of lethal force. What Americans have learned once again–Democratic politicians will give their voters free rein to riot, burn, kill.

    Schumer and Pelosi begifted us with their usual divisive drivel

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