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    No HBO Max? Consumers Push Gone With the Wind to the top Spot on Amazon Prime

    No HBO Max? Consumers Push Gone With the Wind to the top Spot on Amazon Prime

    I love capitalism!
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    I use my Apple TV when I work out and noticed Gone With the Wind at the top of the home menu.

    A quick Google search told me what I suspected. HBO Max temporarily pulled Gone With the Wind so consumers went to Amazon and Apple.

    HBO Max dropped the movie for now, but when it comes back, the company will include a discussion about the historical context and denouncement of the racist stereotypes.

    Because, you know, no one knows what it’s about or what happened during the time period. We also totally think HBO is racist for airing the classic movie.

    Oh! Paw Patrol, another show people have targeted, is in the #5 position for DVD/Blu-Ray sales.

    It’s also a top movie on Apple:

    Gone With The Wind

    Isn’t capitalism awesome?!


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    I’m pushing 50 and have never seen it, I’ve seen parts of it, I just couldn’t get into it. However I do love a good SJW backfire.

    Before you hate on my classic moving tastes; I own Casablanca and watch it once a year along with It’s a Wonderful Life. No worries, they’ll be coming after those movies too for their multicultural issues some day soon.

      BiovizierMantrid in reply to Andy. | June 13, 2020 at 12:43 am

      Yeah, I’ll be 50 later this year. I’m sure you recall Gone With the Wind was on network TV once a year, as was Merry Christmas Charlie Brown, and The Wizard of Oz (There was always a commercial when the lion runs off from the wizard. I wonder what the woke find wrong with THAT movie). Anyway, I’ve probably seen GWTW 10 times, but in pieces. I have never sat and watched the whole enchilada. Man, pre-internet times were so much simpler. Organizing a mob with a social app post was an impossibility (folks managed to to that extent anyway). Kids could go out and play without parents worrying over their children being abducted. I got away with quite a bit of mischief as a teen that would be impossible in this era of cellphone tech; we’d leave the house and no one knew where we were, imagine that! People had COMMON SENSE! If only the young could see what we have.

    texansamurai | June 14, 2020 at 9:32 am

    isn’t the purpose of art to stir the emotions? to stir one’s own imagination? to kindle(or re-kindle)one’s childhood sense of wonder?

    gone with the wind succeeds famously on many levels–that it is a topic of intense discussions nearly eight decades after its debut is a testament to its quality, to the skill and dedication of its creators

    in the best explanation have ever read in print, in a short story by an american author from the 50’s, a character observes that: ” all science, at base, is an effort to explain a miracle we will never understand and art is an interpretation of that miracle. ”


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