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    LIVE: The Ongoing Cultural Purge

    LIVE: The Ongoing Cultural Purge

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    Join us live as Professor Jacobson and I discuss the ongoing cultural purge.

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    You can watch here live or tune into our Facebook page, where we will be broadcasting and answering questions live. It takes a few minutes after we’ve started broadcasting to get the feed embedded into this post, so please give us a few minutes to do so. If you do no want to participate live, we will upload the video to YouTube and then embed in this post following the discussion.

    We look forward to taking your questions!

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    B Buchanan | June 28, 2020 at 11:17 pm

    Thank you Professor and Leslie – I really enjoyed the Professor’s remarks. Do you have any idea on how many listened in?

    Professor – you mentioned how the revolutionary actions we see today are following a pattern seen on other revolutions in the past, based on your study of history. You also mentioned perhaps offering some type of education. I think a class or a brief overview of past revolutions would help give historical context to what we are experiencing now.

    A personal anecdote: I went to school in the 60’s and majored in German. All of my seven teachers were born in Europe and lived through WWII as teenagers. What you said about not tolerating any dissent – I remember my classmates giving Herr Gresak from Poland a hard time for being in the Hitler Youth. He sadly shook his head and quietly, yet emphatically, said,”You don’t understand. We HAD NO CHOICE.”

    Great video- I couldn’t make it live, but listened after the fact.
    So on the academia point:

    This is a dynamic like “there’s no women on computer science.” I don’t think it’s as purgey as you might think. The fact is, most conservatives don’t try to get INTO academia, except in useful areas like medicine or the sciences. I’ve found the teachers in the soft areas to be losers at life in general; that’s not the path for a conservative. The purgey politics is a result, not the cause.

    That said- conservatives need to stop surrendering. I’m sick of parents pulling their kids out of schools to home school because they don’t like the liberal content. BS – stand and fight. Suck oxygen out of the room when that happens. When you leave, you abandon the few teachers who are sane- only to let them get eaten by the mob.

    The reason whey Seattle and Portland will get worse before they get better (if ever) is sane people are going to leave these hell holes. Real estate in the surrounding areas like Pierce, Snohomish and even Thurston have been going up this past year while King (Seattle) has gone down. People are leaving. Landlords are selling. They’re done. The lunatics will run the asylum when this happens. Who is left to vote there except the nuts?

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