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    Biden Statement on Tara Reade Allegations: ‘This Never Happened’

    Biden Statement on Tara Reade Allegations: ‘This Never Happened’

    “I believe being accountable means having the difficult conversations, even when they are uncomfortable.”

    Presumptive 2020 Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden released a statement on the allegations against him from Tara Reade about 30 minutes before his appearance on Morning Joe:

    “They aren’t true. This never happened.”

    Reade alleges that Biden pushed her against a wall, put his hand under her skirt, and fingered her in 1993 when she worked on his Senate staff.

    A few people have corroborated her story, telling the media that Reade told them about the incident in the mid-90s.

    He added:

    “As a presidential candidate, I’m accountable to the American people. We have lived long enough with a [resident who doesn’t think he is accountable to anyone, and takes responsibility for nothing. That’s not me. I believe being accountable means having the difficult conversations, even when they are uncomfortable. People need to hear the truth,” Biden said.

    The allegations came to light in March, but Biden is only now addressing them himself. His campaign denied the allegations, but no one in the media ever asked him directly.

    Biden also said that if Reade filed a complaint, which she claimed she did, it would be in the National Archives. He called for it to be made public. However, the National Archives is closed due to the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak.


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    The complaint – if it ever existed – is long gone.

    MannSplainer | May 1, 2020 at 9:15 am

    Democrat’s Decision Tree:

    Is the accused a conservative? If yes, then no due process or presumption of innocence for you! You will be destroyed, white supremacist Nazi patriarchy!

    Is the accused is a democrat? If yes, then it’s a Bernie Bro conspiracy attack! It’s a white supremacist Nazi patriarchy attack! Obviously, the accused is innocent!

    Democrats are so predictable.

    Considering what Obama and Biden did to colleges with the Title IX star chambers, I consider this situation some big, fat Karma.

    “Joe Biden compares supporters of due process to ‘Nazis’”

    Whether Tara Reade is credible or not is immaterial. It’s the fact that “believe all women” makes it impossible for Biden to fight her allegation without old Joe looking like a traitor to women, especially to the true-believer feminists and working single women who make up the Democrat voting base.

    The younger generation of feminists may not want to hold their nosees and press “D”, like their mothers did for Bill Clinton. We’ll see.

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