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    VIDEO: Constitutional Rights in the Age of Government Overreach

    VIDEO: Constitutional Rights in the Age of Government Overreach

    A live event with Legal Insurrection Publisher and Cornell Law Professor, William Jacobson and Legal Insurrection’s Senior Contributing Editor, Kemberlee Kaye


    We’re super excited about our first ever live (online) event. The discussion was hosted by moi, Legal Insurrection’s Senior Contributing Editor and the Director of Operations and Editorial Development for the Legal Insurrection Foundation, Kemberlee Kaye. Legal Insurrection publisher and Cornell Law Professor, William Jacobson headed up the discussion.

    The topic? Constitutional Rights in the Age of Government Overreach. The discussion begins at 8:30 PM ET.

    Professor Jacobson answered reader questions and took questions live from Facebook. We hope you enjoyed the discussion and found it engaging and informative.

    You can watch below a YouTube:

    Thanks for being part of the Legal Insurrection family and stay tuned for information on our upcoming live events!


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    amwick | April 27, 2020 at 6:51 am

    What I learned is that the government is legally able to quarantine people who are even exposed to a dangerous illness.

    I get it.. but I still don’t see how that applies here. They are quarantining people not who are suspected of being either sick or a carrier, but to in order prevent the collapse of the medical system. That is another kettle of fish. It is hypothetical, and I never thought that our legal system worked on “maybe”…

    Thanks again for an excellent presentation. I am sorry so many people had technical issues.

    Thanks for the presentation last night.

    scfanjl | April 27, 2020 at 2:57 pm

    Thank you for the presentation. I was able to watch today (Mon) and learned a lot; admittedly I didn’t quite like all I learned. We do still have the best country, but we can not ever let up the fight against liberals.

    blacksburger | April 27, 2020 at 5:39 pm

    Is there any chance of a transcription for the benefit of those of us with hearing problems?

    I enjoyed the presentation. One question I had that I don’t think got touched on is how is it that a pandemic or a societal health danger gets formally declared. Who is the entity that decides that a certain circumstance or disease presents a serious health risk to the people? And what are the defining characteristics of a pandemic or public health hazard? One person or one entitiy’s opinion? Further – How does that declaration change as the prediction models fail to match reality in cases and/or deaths? Seems as if the local, state, and federal authorities may have the legal standing to utilize these over-reaching powers during a pandemic, the question becomes – is this a pandemic? And when does it cease to become a pandemic? How can THAT be legally challenged?

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