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    Pelosi’s extortion is a spark that may start a national fire

    Pelosi’s extortion is a spark that may start a national fire

    It wasn’t just the distruption of Senate negotiations which were close to conclusion. The alternative bill Pelosi put forward is the extortionist’s price for the release of your loved ones.

    Nancy Pelosi, with a major assist from Elizabeth Warren and the capitulation of Chuck Schumer, scuttled Senate negotiations Sunday over a rescue bill to help people left unemployed and businesses at risk of collapse from a government-ordered economic shutdown in response to the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic.

    Pelosi’s move, at so many levels, is so outrageous, it could become a spark that sets a national fire.

    It wasn’t just the distruption of negotiations which were close to conclusion. The bill Pelosi put forward is a liberal laundry and wish list of things they know they could not get enacted unless the nation were in a vulnerable position. It’s the extortionist’s price for the release of your loved ones.

    I don’t think Pelosi and many other Democrats are aware of the fury they are about to unleash in the nation.

    I think Chuck Schumer, for all my criticisms of him, understands this, which is why there still is a chance of a Senate deal being reached despite and without rewarding Pelosi’s extortion.

    It’s getting hard not to hate.


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    Look for a veto from Trump

      elle in reply to Neo. | March 24, 2020 at 9:57 am

      Isn’t that the point? It is a no lose proposition for the Democrats, is it not? They either get their goodies or they get their headline that Trump vetoed the bill, which they will run 24/7/365 at a million percent.

      They don’t have to worry about re-election because the dead always vote for these ghouls.

    Virginia42 | March 24, 2020 at 9:00 am

    Granny Winebox is quite the ghoul. But alas, can’t say what she and Cluster Chuck are trying to do surprises me–remember, these are the people who illegally tried (and continue to try) to overturn an election.

    petefrt | March 24, 2020 at 9:27 am

    When they believe ends justify means, their sense of absolute moral superiority makes Progressive Democrats dangerous. They worship an ideology that is utterly evil. Hate it we must.

    Unknown3rdParty | March 24, 2020 at 9:43 am

    Vote. Don’t vote Republican, don’t vote Democrat, don’t vote Independent. Vote ONLY for those who openly espouse supporting the Consitution and Bill of Rights. And tell your friends. Pelosi is simply one of many examples of people still in office due to name recognition, who should have been voted out years ago.

    Study your voter guide. Examine it closely. READ IT! Find out what they’ve done, what they’ve participated in, who supports them. If you don’t recognize those supporting the candidate, don’t Google it, look it up on DuckDuckGo. Search for the candidate by name, by location, to see what they’ve done. Know that the Socialists and Communists are working overtime; witness what happened in Virginia, that the Socialists canvassed the poorer parts of the state and got large numbers of them registered, and they voted Democrat.

    If the candidates are supported by Socialist front groups, pass on them. If the candidate says that they support the Constitution and adds “but”, pass on the candidate. And if you can be that candidate, do so. But be prepared because you will be attacked for every irrational reason under the sun.

    Twenty years ago I attended a conference hosted by a local church. The speaker said “There are some people we need to pray dead”.

    I thought those remarks were repulsive at the time.

    I don’t any longer.

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