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    Biden Takes Michigan With Help From Women, Labor Households

    Biden Takes Michigan With Help From Women, Labor Households

    Biden continues his dominance on Super Tuesday II.

    Former Vice President Joe Biden wins Michigan and its 125 pledged delegates.

    The Associated Press, Fox News, and CNN called the state for Biden. While Michigan said it may not have official results until Wednesday, Biden has a huge lead over Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT).


    Polls close at 8/9 pm local time (11 pm ET). 20 pledged delegates.


    Polls close at 8 pm local time (8/9 pm ET). 125 pledged delegates.

    At 9:25 pm ET, The New York Times had Biden up 53% to Sanders’ 40.7%

    How did Biden win Michigan?

    CNN also reported that groups in Michigan that supported Sanders in 2016 changed to Biden this year:

    Around two-thirds or more of Biden’s core voter base, older voters, black voters, and moderates supported him in Michigan, as well as those who oppose a government-funded health program, voters whose top priority is race relations, and voters who prioritize beating President Trump over someone who agrees with them on policy.

    Biden also performed much better than expected among groups Bernie Sanders won in 2016. The former vice president and the Vermont senator are currently neck and neck among men without a college degree, a group that Sanders won by 22 points in Michigan over Hillary Clinton in 2016.

    Sanders also saw a decrease in his lead from 2016 among independent Democratic voters, from winning them by 43 percentage points in 2016 to leading Biden by more than 10 percentage points in 2020.

    It looks like Biden is starting to run away with Michigan:

    *Previous reporting

    Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson said that the state may not have a winner until Wednesday:

    “People should not expect to know the results of Michigan’s elections until well into Wednesday. We hope to get them sooner,” Benson said. “We are working hard to get them sooner, but we want everyone to expect them mid-to-late day on Wednesday”

    This is due to a constitutional amendment passed in 2018 that expanded access to voting – including not needing a reason to vote absentee and same-day voter registration.

    “This means that across Michigan clerks and their teams will have significantly more work to do today than on previous election days, and that the results of today’s elections may not be known until well into Wednesday,” Benson said in an op-ed published Tuesday morning in USA Today.

    Biden led in the latest poll over Sanders by 24 points. But in 2016, failed Democratic presidential Hillary Clinton also led Sanders.

    Sanders ended up winning the state. Will it happen again?


    Polls close at 7 pm local time (8 pm ET). 36 pledged delegates.

    CNN and Fox News project that Biden will win Mississippi.

    Oh, wait. Looks like CNN…

    What a great start, CNN! Anyway, Biden is projected to win Mississippi.


    Polls close at 7 pm local time (8 pm ET). 68 pledged delegates

    AP calls Missouri for Biden.

    Biden leads among black voters.

    North Dakota

    Polls close at 7 pm local time (8 pm ET). 14 pledged delegates.


    Mail-in state only. Voters must drop off their ballots by 8 pm local time (11 pm ET). 89 pledged delegates.


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    floridaman | March 11, 2020 at 7:46 am

    I’m wondering about Tulsi Gabbard in all this. Why is she still in the race? No money, no network, no support. It makes no sense to me unless she is part of the Dims plan all along. The DNC had to know months ago that ole Joe was losing it but they had no one else to run. He is the least unpleasant of the group of unpleasant candidates. It will be a miracle if ole Joe can make it physically to November, much less mentally. When they get to the convention and Joe has to fall out who will be left? Gabbard, a woman of color, as progressive as the rest, veteran and well-spoken. Biden gives her all his delegates and it’s all over.

    harleycowboy | March 11, 2020 at 9:44 am

    So the voters voted NO on socialism?

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