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    Joe Biden is becoming a sad figure to watch

    Joe Biden is becoming a sad figure to watch

    “MAGA/Sanders twitter” is coordinating Biden “cognitive decline” campaign says Politico Chief DC Correspondent, but we have our own eyes and ears, and it’s becoming a sad spectacle.

    With each passing day, more and more videos capture Joe Biden on the campaign trail making what are more than the gaffes for which he is famous. Biden forgets or struggles to remember names, events and people as he speaks, and jumbles words.

    Biden should not be laughed at for this. My overwhelming feeling for Joe is one of sadness, that he was pushed into something for which he is not prepared. And it’s only going to get worse.

    Here are some of the videos widely circulating in the past few days.

    “Cognitive Decline” is a word increasingly being used, particularly by people on the left.

    It may be the only thing on which Glenn Greenwald and Donald Trump agree:

    Biden supporters say it’s just stuttering, but I’m not sure that flies.

    The alternative line of defense is that this is all a coordinated “disinformation” campaign, as Nancy LeTourneau writes in Washington Monthly, The Disinformation Campaign Being Launched Against Biden.

    The theory of a coordinated campaign joining Trump and Bernie supporters also is being argued by Ryan Lizza, Chief Washington Correspondent for Politico. And the proof of coordination? The denial of coordination! It’s the old Kafkatrapping technique.

    Part of the “cognitive decline” campaign being spread by MAGA/Sanders twitter is to deny any coordination. The idea is that everyone is just now noticing that Biden misspeaks all the time and they’re suddenly alarmed by it. He’s been like this for decades!

    Maybe it’s nothing, but maybe it’s something. THESE ARE NOT GAFFES

    Now that Biden won big on Super Tuesday and has the endorsement of most of his prior rivals, Biden is the most likely Democrat nominee. That is, if Biden can keep his momentum going. If not, there could still be a surprise prior to or at the convention.

    As I mentioned in an earlier post, I think Elizabeth Warren is hovering waiting for Biden and/or Sanders to implode — most likely Biden. Warren’s no longer running a campaign, but she’s making sure she stays in the public eye with a massive “sexism” pity party among her supporters and a cringeworthy SNL appearance:

    There are a lot of forces in whose interest it is to portray Biden as in cognitive decline. But we also have our eyes and ears to evaluate those claims. And the result is just sad.

    Even Peter Daou, a hardcore Democrat and Hillary supporter, sees the writing on the wall:

    What alarms me is that I could name at least ten former Dem candidates who would be stronger than #Biden against the coming rightwing onslaught. That includes #Warren, #Buttigieg, #Harris, and #Booker. Even Hillary running again would be a safer bet.

    The Democrat establishment, in its rush to stop Bernie, may have made a historic mistake in putting all its eggs in the Biden basket. If Joe falters in the coming weeks in the public perception of his ability to function, the Democrat establishment has left themselves no alternatives to Bernie.


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    I really hate to see people suffer the lingering mind degeneration, it is a cruel fact.
    Even with Joe, I never liked him… but this is awful to behold.

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