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    “Why 2020 Is the Year Women Fight for Trump (and he should keep tweeting)”

    “Why 2020 Is the Year Women Fight for Trump (and he should keep tweeting)”

    The Frontier Center releases a new report based on in-depth values-research interviews with female Trump supporters who attended the NH rally.

    Anne Sorock Segal runs the Frontier Center (fka the Frontier Lab), “a market research organization that is focused on reviving our American culture of self-governance.”

    Anne started writing for Legal Insurrection in April 2012 and was a regular contributor for many years until she shifted her focus exclusively to the Frontier Lab.

    Anne is a Director and Corporate Secretary of the Legal Insurrection Foundation.

    We have featured several Frontier  Lab reports over the years. At the Frontier Lab, Anne has applied deep values methodology to numerous political topics, including how Trump supporters still want The Wall, Why people decide to become politically activeOccupy movement participants’ motivations, and why Republicans won’t call themselves Republican, among others. You may find of particular interest Anne’s “Deep Values” Profile of core Legal Insurrection readers.

    You also may recall that Anne was the Research Guru who saw Trump phenomenon coming before anyone else:

    I saw Anne at CPAC 2015, and in the course of our discussions, I asked Anne who she liked among the many rumored presidential candidates. She said Donald Trump.

    I was like, what is that all about? He’s never going to run, he always teases, and anyway, Trump? Seriously? She was serious. She said, look, he’s the one. She was insistent not only that Trump would run but that he’d win. It seemed totally incredible.

    By that point I’d known Anne for a while, and considered her a friend. I could tell she wasn’t joking. That she knew something I didn’t. But it still seemed so other-worldly, that even after Trump took the famous escalator ride at Trump Tower to announce, I didn’t give it any credit.

    That was then, this is now. President-elect Trump saw something in the mood of the nation, and captured that lightning in a bottle.

    Anne is out with a new study, Why 2020 Is the Year Women Fight for Trump (and he should keep tweeting):

    From the summary:

    In 2020, President Trump’s female champions are empowered and energized to fight for the man they say is successfully driving back progressivism and providing leadership for their own lives, according findings from The Frontier Center’s “Outsiders, Together” deep values study.

    This update to The Frontier Center’s 2016 report on why women support Trump shows this segment has been confirmed in their initial judgment to support him.

    Four deep values explain why these women will fight for President Trump in 2020:

    • Community is affirmed as everyone prospers.
    • Peace of Mind that he is authentic and a fighter, (which is why he is the only one who can drain the Swamp).
    • His accessibility (Twitter) to them and visible association with shunned causes and people shows he is Relatable and they share a value for Anti-Elitism.
    • Exuberance of Freedom at having been proven right–again–as his policies reap rewards for the economy and women adopt his bravery in standing up to their own cultural “bullies.”

    Read more about… the policies they prioritize, why they feel he’s a role model to the next generation, how they feel he is innovating the way their values are implemented on the national stage, and why they want President Trump to “hold politicians accountable for attacking him for three years” in the full report.

    This value chart shows the research connections:

    There are many interesting findings, including this:

    The top 3 priorities women said President Trump should deliver in a second term:

    1.       Border security/build wall

    2.       Continue to build the economy/ create jobs

    3.       Fix government corruption and drain the swamp

    Women furthermore expressed a desire that Trump “hold politicians accountable for attacking him for three years,” an attitude rather than a policy and a theme that continued throughout the research interviews.

    And to answer the ages-old question as to whether Trump should stop tweeting, his female supports say “Don’t Stop”!:

    He continues to be seen as authentic and a fighter, both aspects of why he can drain the Swamp and why he is an example to them for how to live their own lives in a microcosm of this fight. His accessibility (via Twitter, attendance at rallies, and overall demeanor) is an asset.


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