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    Pregnancy Center Accuses New York of Religious Discrimination

    Pregnancy Center Accuses New York of Religious Discrimination

    “Forcing them to hire someone who promotes abortion would completely undermine their mission.”

    Crisis pregnancy center EMC Frontline filed a lawsuit against New York over the “Boss Bill,” which forces nonprofits and religious institutions to hire people that do not share their views.

    The center claims the law violates its 1st and 14th Amendment rights.

    EMC founder Chris Slattery told The Washington Free Beacon that the Boss Bill is “a fundamental effort to crush the pro-life movement.”

    The center provides help for pregnant women and newborns:

    “When you have a pro-life group that’s dedicated to work[ing] against abortion, for them to hire an opponent is patently absurd,” Slattery told the Washington Free Beacon. “For Catholic schools to have to hire pro-choice school teachers, priests, bishops, deacons—it’s patently absurd.”

    The law prohibits employers from deciding not to hire an employee based on the employee’s or an employee’s dependent’s “reproductive health decisions.” It also prevents employers from accessing “an employee’s personal information regarding the employee’s or the dependent’s reproductive health decision making,” including “the decision to use or access a particular drug, device, or medical service.” New York City passed a similar law shortly after Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed the statewide “Boss Bill” in November.

    The Thomas Moore Society is representing EMC Frontline:

    Timothy Belz, special counsel for the Thomas More Society, said the new law threatens to violate EMC’s rights “in multiple ways.”

    “Expectant Mother Care and EMC Frontline exist for the purpose of advocating for and providing desperate women with alternatives to abortion. Forcing them to hire someone who promotes abortion would completely undermine their mission,” he said in a statement. “These state and city laws also violate our client’s right to free speech and right to due process.”

    The Supreme Court struck down a similar law in California in 2018, 5-4. That law made “crisis pregnancy centers to advertise abortion and contraceptive services to their clients.”


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    My hope for the future is for someone to invent a time machine so that we can take all these people who believe in abortion, put them in the time machine, and send them back to their mother’s womb to be aborted.

    What is it with New York that causes them to seek out the very dregs of society to represent them?

    There are millions of decent, talented and capable residents to choose among yet they end up with some Kennedy breeding, Mafioso looking un-American thug who disgraces all the comes in contact with.

    Satan has to have a hand in this turpitude.

      It’s the liberalism inherent in them: in other words, it makes them feel superior to other people. The dark comedy in all this is that some of the most ignorant people in NYC are the most liberal, even the older people.

      NYC is an old city, and like most bigger cities, it is filled with narcissists, rich and poor. So they vote themselves in to hell, over and over and over again, expecting the federal government to rescue them over and over and over again.

    A Progressive Jew. A Progressive Christian… Thou shalt abort for light and casual causes. Thou shalt be a diversitist and pass color judgments. Thou shalt be politically congruent. An oxymoron.

    What a worn-out POS this guy is.

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