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    ALERT: Coronavirus merges with Trump Derangement Syndrome

    ALERT: Coronavirus merges with Trump Derangement Syndrome

    A pandemic tanking the stock market may be Democrats’ best hope for winning in 2020, and they can barely contain their glee

    The way things have been going, the economy was on target to remain powerful through Election Day 2020, giving Trump a strong likelihood of reelection. Reflecting that reality, a record percentage of Americans are satisfied with their lives.

    Enter coronavirus and the potential for a pandemic that causes worldwide suffering and economic damage tanking the stock market and the U.S. economy. The Trump administration has been very proactive, even though China has rebuffed help, including just requesting $2.5 billion specifically targeted at coronavirus response.

    Enter Trump Derangement Syndrome, where the number one priority is defeating Trump. And if devastation to the stock market due to coronavirus is needed, well, Democrats and media supporters are practically giddy at placing the blame on Trump.

    The stock market plunged today! 2020 is looking better and better for Democrats.

    Ted Lieu tried to blame Trump for cuts to the Centers for Disease Control that have not taken place and would not have affected coronavirus response anyway:

    The Dow dropped significantly this morning because of the continuing spread of the coronavirus.

    The @realDonaldTrump budget proposes cuts to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Retweet if you think cutting @CDCgov is really dumb.

    Nancy Pelosi pushed the same theme — what we really need to worry about it unrelated proposed budget cuts to CDC:

    Chuck Schumer blamed Trump for not having enough of a plan:

    Joe Scarborough mocked claims that coronavirus was being weaponized politically, by weaponizing it against Trump:

    Bette Midler flat out blamed Trump:

    And this MSNBC legal contributor blamed Trump’s spending on the wall — as if not spending money on the wall would have prevented a virus that spread in China:

    Never let a crisis go to waste, right?


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    I seem to remember Trump coming out early on and talking about how bad the virus was. The Leftist media claimed that he was just trying to cause panic to distract from impeachment and such. Looks like he was right again and they should have egg on their faces.

    This is serious. The latent time on this virus can be up to twenty or more days before getting ill. A few of those days you are contagious before you show symptoms.

    The worse news is WHO (World Health Organization) says that some people do NOT get sick but are carrying and spreading the virus. It is approximately twenty to thirty percent of people.

    The good news is that most who die are over sixty in age. So the loss to the economy of people in critical jobs will be a lot less. I am almost 60, have lung damage from smoking when young and decades of industrial hazards exposure the 15% of people who get ill who have serious lung problems. About 2% of all who get ill die from it.

    So this is going to get ugly. Who gets the blame for it may decide the election. Hell with going around shaking hands, and most candidates above 50, one or more of them could catch it and die. That’ll change the race.

      notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to Dwo888. | February 25, 2020 at 10:04 am

      RE: “The good news is that most who die are over sixty in age.”

      Really? Then that will wipe out about 85% of the DEMS base of crazy cat herding women. Snark.

        Well I am close to 60, damaged lungs, and recently had quadruple heart bypass surgery. There is a scientific name for people like me. “Most Likely Dead Meat”.

        I just hope if it attacks my lungs, I go fast. That is how it gets you. Rarely someone has the “Spanish Flu” lung overreaction where folks drown in their own lungs in under 24 hours. Those are the scary videos you see see on the Internet of folks laying there sick or near dead in the street or in a public place.

          notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to Dwo888. | February 25, 2020 at 2:49 pm

          Sorry to hear that Dwo.

          I’m stuck once again about “how convenient” this “epidemic” is for the Communist Chinese Government which had revolting workers all over their mainland, and in Hong Kong. Oh so convenient for a government lockdown and…..

        Data say you’re wrong about that by a huge margin.

        Also, anyone who dies automatically changes party affiliation to Democrat.

    clayusmcret | February 25, 2020 at 10:17 am

    So how do we get someone with coronavirus to walk through the democrat caucus?

    (We can dream, can’t we?)

    “A pandemic tanking the stock market may be Democrats’ best hope for winning in 2020, and they can barely contain their glee”

    As if we did not already have enough, this is just more proof that the Communists – er, I mean the Democrats – don’t give a rat’s behind about the well-being of this nation or its citizens. Their motto is and has always been: Power and control, at any price, at any cost.

      healthguyfsu in reply to chocopot. | February 25, 2020 at 1:22 pm

      You make a good point, but I do think we are all guilty at this point.

      I’m not saying that we are all the same. However, as a country, we are all so entrenched in our side of this political war that there are times when we would rather be right than have a good outcome when not in power.

      The difference the media and Democrats both perpetuate a lack of self-awareness where they both believe in delusion that they are somehow objective and above such biases.

    CapeBuffalo | February 25, 2020 at 1:55 pm

    Have we all forgotten how well the Republicans used the Ebola epidemic to their advantage in the 2014 off-year elections? They savaged Obama’s handling of this situation ( with some merit). I don’t remember them using the epidemic to damage the economy however, they mainly emphasized Obama’s tepid response.

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