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    ALERT: Coronavirus merges with Trump Derangement Syndrome

    ALERT: Coronavirus merges with Trump Derangement Syndrome

    A pandemic tanking the stock market may be Democrats’ best hope for winning in 2020, and they can barely contain their glee

    The way things have been going, the economy was on target to remain powerful through Election Day 2020, giving Trump a strong likelihood of reelection. Reflecting that reality, a record percentage of Americans are satisfied with their lives.

    Enter coronavirus and the potential for a pandemic that causes worldwide suffering and economic damage tanking the stock market and the U.S. economy. The Trump administration has been very proactive, even though China has rebuffed help, including just requesting $2.5 billion specifically targeted at coronavirus response.

    Enter Trump Derangement Syndrome, where the number one priority is defeating Trump. And if devastation to the stock market due to coronavirus is needed, well, Democrats and media supporters are practically giddy at placing the blame on Trump.

    The stock market plunged today! 2020 is looking better and better for Democrats.

    Ted Lieu tried to blame Trump for cuts to the Centers for Disease Control that have not taken place and would not have affected coronavirus response anyway:

    The Dow dropped significantly this morning because of the continuing spread of the coronavirus.

    The @realDonaldTrump budget proposes cuts to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Retweet if you think cutting @CDCgov is really dumb.

    Nancy Pelosi pushed the same theme — what we really need to worry about it unrelated proposed budget cuts to CDC:

    Chuck Schumer blamed Trump for not having enough of a plan:

    Joe Scarborough mocked claims that coronavirus was being weaponized politically, by weaponizing it against Trump:

    Bette Midler flat out blamed Trump:

    And this MSNBC legal contributor blamed Trump’s spending on the wall — as if not spending money on the wall would have prevented a virus that spread in China:

    Never let a crisis go to waste, right?


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    16000-40000 dead every year, in the US, from the common flu strains. Nobody cares. 40,000 dead, per year, from pneumonia. Nobody cares. Zero deaths from COVID-19, in the US, and suddenly it is the end of the world. Really?

    This is manufactured crisis and blatant fear mongering.It is an election year and anything that can work against Trump will be trumpeted by the media, even if they have to make it up.

    Flicker | March 1, 2020 at 11:41 am

    Never believe the CDC.

    The CDC lies, perpetually. It’s as if that’s their job. They lied about HIV and anthrax and other illnesses and health issues.

    Even yesterday guidelines came out on how to take off your protective gear and they offered two ways. The FIRST one they showed was to TAKE OFF YOUR GLOVES FIRST and then to use bare hands to remove everything else, and then you wash your hands. This is idiocy! Why expose your bare hands to the outside of the gown and mask and so to the virus.

    Honest PSA: You ask a partner to untie he back of the gown (though if you tie it and tape it in a particular way you can untie it yourself) and then you remove your gear handling it from the outside with gloves, and then you pull of the gown turning it inside out in the process – while the gloves’ cuffs are still over the gown’s sleeves – and then pull the gloves off with the gown.

    But I remember when in 1984 the CDC said – adamantly and eplicitly – that you can NEVER get HIV (then called HTLV-III) by a blood transfusion. They said you could ONLY get it if you engaged in homosexual activity multiple time over the course of years, OR be an illegal IV drug user OR be a Haitian.

    Well, as one who knows a little about micro-biology I knew this was BS at the time. But in 1985 my first patient with HIV was a white straight family man who never touched drugs and got his illness from a BLOOD TRANSFUSION. And he was humiliated and mortified that that all his coworkers and and friends were being told by TV announcers – repeating the CDC – how the “experts” said he got it. And he sadly for his last year, refused friends and coworkers as visitors in his hospital room because he didn’t want to see the doubt and hesitancy on their faces.

    The CDC only changed its line until after Arthur Ashe nearly a decade later.

    This is what the CDC did by lying to cover up the dangers – and the communicability – of HIV.

    And then with the anthrax scare, the CDC said that you could only get anthrax from tens or hundreds of thousands of bacilli in your body. And then more than a decade later, a CDC spokesman said, in passing, that of course it only takes one bacillus to contract anthrax.

    These are just two examples.

    Never believe the CDC.

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