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    Number of Islamists in Germany Reaches Record High, Says Intel Agency

    Number of Islamists in Germany Reaches Record High, Says Intel Agency

    12,000 Islamists active across Germany; Berlin emerges as new jihadi stronghold.

    The number of Islamists in Germany has again hit a record high, exceeding 12,000 for the first time, says the German domestic intelligence agency, the Office for the Protection of the Constitution. The number of radicalized Muslims committed to jihad has shown a three-fold rise since 2011, the intelligence assessment disclosed.

    With Chancellor Angela Merkel pursuing a policy of open borders, the Islamists have been recruiting among millions of Muslims who entered the country in recent years. The latest figure show Berlin emerging as the biggest stronghold for Islamists in country. The German capital is now home to more than a thousand Islamists.

    The intelligence figures come just days after German police busted an Islamist terror cell planning to attack a Berlin Synagogue. The police made several arrests across Germany early Tuesday to catch suspects connected to the plot, the media reports said.

    Salafists, as the radical Islamists are classified in Germany, aim to overthrow the German state and establish an Islamic Caliphate in its place. “Salafists want to establish a ‘theocracy’ according to their interpretation of the rules of sharia, one in which the liberal democratic order no longer applies,” the German domestic intelligence agency explained in a previous report.

    Berlin-based newspaper Der Tagesspiegel reported the latest intelligence assessment:

    There is no end in sight for the growth in the Salafist scene. As Der Tagesspiegel learned from the security circles, the Office for the Protection of the Constitution detected a rise of 850 persons within the ranks of the violent Islamist milieu nationwide, taking it to 12,150. This signifies a surge of seven percent.

    The number of Salafists has grown three-folds since 2011. The Office for the Protection of the Constitution had estimated their strength to 3,800 individuals at that time.

    In past year the dynamic of growth has picked up again. The spike by 850 individuals is bigger than the one registered in 2018. [In 2018,] the Office for the Protection of the Constitution estimated an addition of 500 Salafists, taking their strength to 11.300.

    The dynamic differs from region to region. In North Rhine-Westphalia state the rise is lower in percentage than in Berlin, and in Hamburg there is a slight regression. In the capital the scene has grown by 100 person, taking the total to 1,120 — amounting to a surge of ten percent. [Translated by the author]

    With the decimation of male leadership in the wake of the collapse of the Islamic State in the Middle East — thanks largely to the U.S.-led effort, women have take up key position in the Islamist movement in Germany, the intelligence agency disclosed.

    German newspaper Die Welt reported the role played by female jihadis:

    The North Rhine-Westphalia [state] chapter of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution found that the absence of men due to repressive measures by the security agencies inside the scene has led to the rise of the role of women and girls. There is a clear observable growth of activities by women in social networks. The female Salafists leaving the country, returning back, and renaming in Germany are increasingly supporting violence and ready to carry it out.

    In addition to that, about 100 Salafists associations have sprung up due to birth of children. There is a danger that these women might raise their children in a fundamentalist and extremist way. The children are taught numerals and alphabets by citing weapons and ammunition. The scene is sealing itself up. The Salafists don’t send their children to kindergartens. This way a “second generation” of Salafists are raised that is radicalized from a young age. [Translated by the author]

    Ignoring the threat posed by female jihadis, the German government is working to bring back the wives and children of German Islamic State terrorists detained by the Iraqi or Kurdish forces. Berlin has justified this decision by claiming “humanitarian considerations” and “Germany’s duty to protect its citizens,” the German state broadcaster Deutsche Welle confirmed.

    The figures released by the intelligence agency do not include the members of Hamas and Hezbollah terrorist groups active in Germany. Thanks largely to the misguided polices of Chancellor Merkel, Germany now has more than 1,000 Hezbollah and 300 Hamas members operating freely across Germany, the 2019 annual report of the German domestic intelligence agency shows. The German government refuses to put a complete ban on the Iran-backed Hezbollah terrorist group, allowing its ‘political’ wing to recruit members and raise funds.

    With German political elite busy dissing the U.S. president’s immigration policy, doubling down on their promises of ‘building bridges not walls,’ the nation’s gates have been flung open to the Islamist Trojan Horse. Hundreds of thousands of Muslim immigrants, mostly men in their fighting age, swarming Germany each year offer a perfect recruiting ground for Jihad.

    ‘We will raise generations of jihadists,’ says ISIS bride

    [Cover image via YouTube]


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    inspectorudy | January 19, 2020 at 5:48 pm

    This is not the first time Germany has had relations with the muslim world. Hitler reached out to them in WWII as an ally. They had a lot in common!

    Bad news for Islamists: If current trends hold, an AfD government in the near future now more of a question of “when” rather than “if”. Fun Fact: Official AfD party membership has doubled just since 2013.

    JusticeDelivered | January 19, 2020 at 10:09 pm

    As I see it we have two choices, one is to give Muslims a lobotomy, the other is to kick their tails out. By the way, henry Ford was also close to the Nazis, and we is responsible for the cesspool we now have in Dearborn, Inkster and Hamtramck.

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