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    UK: Boris Johnson’s Victory Irks European Liberals

    UK: Boris Johnson’s Victory Irks European Liberals

    Protesters outside Downing street scream: “Not My Prime Minister.”

    British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s election victory over his rival Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn triggered an unprecedented meltdown in European Liberal media and political circles. The Conservative Party led by Johnson won a resounding 80-seat majority on Thursday, paving the way for Brexit by the end of next month. While the Conservatives secured their biggest majority since Margaret Thatcher’s victory in 1987, the socialist Labour registered its worst election performance since 1935.

    Hundreds of leftist agitators protested outside Johnson’s Downing Street residence in London, chanting “Boris Johnson: Not My Prime Minister.” They expressed their anger over the democratically elected Prime Minister by brandishing signs that said “Defy Tory Rule” and “Refugees Welcome.”

    Unwilling to accept that the British voters were rejecting Jeremy Corbyn and his far-left agenda on their own accord, Britain’s largest Liberal newspaper The Guradian blamed the Labour’s impending misery on Russians meddling. In an op-ed published on the election day, Glenn R Simpson and Peter Fritsch, founders of the Fusion GPS, urged that “Britain needs its own Mueller report on Russian ‘interference’.” With the Labour Party tanking in polls, the duo saw a vast conspiracy spanning across the Atlantic: “While our initial focus was on Russian meddling in US politics, it has since become increasingly clear that Britain’s political system has also been deeply affected by Russian influence operations.”

    The German state-run broadcaster Deutsche Welle accused British voters of racism for overwhelmingly reelecting Boris Johnson. “Boris wins, but the UK loses,” the broadcaster lamented. “Is it a sign of the times we live in that lies, broken promises and barely veiled racism trump (pun intended) substance and policies?” Deutsche Welle complained. “Boris Johnson adopted almost every trick out of Donald Trump’s playbook. And no one batted an eyelid.”

    Germany’s state broadcaster ARD castigated the British voters for not voting the right way. “The Britons had the chance, with this election for the Lower House, to prevent their economic and political decline. They didn’t use to,” the broadcaster wrote.

    Painting a grim, but accurate, picture of the pro-EU camp, ARD admitted: “The Remainers have lost. Those, who wanted to keep the country in the EU have been utterly destroyed. Their game is up. There will be no second referendum.”

    The foreign desk at German weekly Der Spiegel interrupted its regular anti-Trump coverage to bash British voters. “The turkeys voted for Christmas,” claimed one of the headline. “Decency, honesty and integrity have lost,” Der Spiegel wrote, lamenting the defeat of Jeremy Corbyn, who made Labour Party a refuge for antisemites, Muslim radicals, and far-left agitators.

    “The election will not narrow down the divide opened by [former UK PM David] Cameron and will not help to restore the necessary unity to overcome the trauma of separation from the EU,” the leading Spanish newspaper El Mundo remarked.

    “Europe loses London, this times it’s for real,” Italy’s most-read newspaper Corriere della Sera concluded. “The true night of Brexit is here.

    The official response was more muted. “I look forward to working with you for the friendship and strong cooperation between our nations,” German Chancellor Angela Merkel said in a statement. President of the European Council, Charles Michel, expected a swift British parliamentary vote endorsing Brexit. “We expect, as soon as possible, a vote by the British parliament … It’s important to have clarity,” the top EU official said.

    Support for the reelected British Prime Minister came from the other side of the Atlantic, with U.S. President Donald Trump offering a prospect of a trade deal with the UK as the election results pave way for Brexit.

    Much like Trump’s victory in 2016, Johnson’s landslide majority has send European leftists and liberals into a circle of grief, oscillating between rejecting of the election results and blaming everybody else except their beloved candidate for the debacle. These self-proclaimed champions of democracy and guardians of ‘oppressed masses,’ are showing their bitter and ugly face as British working class voters resoundingly rejected their socialist, globalist agenda.

    Johnson’s Downing Street victory speech

    [Cover image via YouTube] [Excerpts from German media reports translated by the author]


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    I wonder when they’ll start the impeachment hearings.

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