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    Dan Bongino Launches As Alternative To Drudge Report

    Dan Bongino Launches As Alternative To Drudge Report

    He “started the site because he felt that in recent months, Drudge has highlighted too many anti-Trump stories he believes aren’t true”

    If you read conservative news sites, you may have heard complaints that the Drudge Report is drifting too far left. FOX News contributor Dan Bongino has responded by creating a new site called Bongino Report.

    Paul Bedard reports at the Washington Examiner:

    Media split: Bongino Report, Drudge alternative, competes in news aggregator space

    GOP media battler Dan Bongino has made good on his plans to create a news site that would be more like the Drudge Report than the real Drudge Report. And it almost imploded his server.

    Bongino, who hosts a widely subscribed Dan Bongino Show podcast, had 20,000 users on his site just an hour after it went live on Wednesday. “Interest has been through the roof,” he said of the Bongino Report.

    Like Drudge, it aggregates stories, especially those of interest to conservatives. Unlike Drudge, it generally won’t pick up stories from sources critics dub “fake news,” such as the New York Times or CNN.

    Bongino started the site because he felt that in recent months, Drudge has highlighted too many anti-Trump stories he believes aren’t true. It’s a complaint also heard in the White House.

    But he doesn’t call his page a competitor or Drudge challenger. “I am not competing with anybody. I wish them all the best,” he said.

    “I don’t want to steal Drudge’s thing,” he told me. “I have an agenda: Freedom and liberty. It’s no more complicated than that.”

    Take a look at the Bongino Report and judge for yourself.

    Bongino has already received some major endorsements:

    As far as the Drudge Report is concerned, Derek Hunter recently offered a possible explanation at Townhall:

    What Happened To Drudge?

    To say he’s private is an understatement.

    So as the Drudge Report turns more anti-Trump, we’re left to wonder why. Because Matt won’t say.

    I did get a hint. I have a friend who is actual, real-life friends with Matt. I asked them what the deal is. After all, no website was more pro-Trump in 2016 than the Drudge Report. Matt even ventured to a debate to see it all firsthand. The answer was telling, if only because there’s so little to go on.

    “Maybe he’s sick of nothing being done on the border,” was the gist of the answer.

    If that’s the case, it would be good to know. Because the entire tone of the Drudge Report has changed.

    Best of luck to Dan Bongino in his new venture.


    It’s great to see the media success Dan has had on Fox News and his hugely successful podcast. I know from experience that it’s really tough to get people to change their internet clicking habits, but Dan’s new venture may be in the right place, at the right time. I’ve added Bongino Report near the top of my desktop bookmarks bar to remind me to check, and also to my favorites on my phone. We’ve also added Bongino Report to our “Blogs I Read” scroll bar in the sidebar.

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